Thursday 3 January 2013

I'm not taking your crap anymore

Firstly there are the long term friends that let you down Then there are the ones that say they need your friendship and do all the running, only to make you feel like a twat. Then there's just the plain rude. This morning I sent a SMS to a woman who I'd met through our husbands playing golf together, to be honest I complained to my hubby that I really didn't think I'd have much in common with a woman her age, but we worked in the same field of special needs so I rang and we met for coffee. She explained she couldn't stay long as she had to prepare food for a funeral of the teacher at the school she worked at. I offered to help and said I could bake cakes, which I did and met her with them at the main gate early the following morning. A few days later I sent an SMS to ask if all went OK, she replied yes and said she'd return the trays. This was several months ago and not a word since. The SMS reads I understand you're busy and not interested in the occassional coffee and chat. I get that message clearly, but I would appreciate the return of my trays. Please drop them off at (address). Regards Suzanne I know she's still in the country as the Husbands played golf together late Nov. I'll let you know how I get on with this one......and as for the Lady who Golfs, whose children attended the same school in the UK, who gave me her UK number in June in case I was still there when she arrived, then ignored my SMS when I returned to the South Africa, when I tried to rearrange a coffee that I had cancelled due to my fathers heart attack, then crossed the road in front of my car on the golf course and deliberatly looked away......well she was way too far up her own arse anyway, but no need to be so fucking rude. I received a reply to my SMS this afternoon, to explain how her car was broken into and how the trays were stolen, she meant to replace them but forgot, should she buy 3 new trays or give me the money? I replied 'forget it'


  1. Sadly some people are just not worth the trouble.

  2. She should've called you about the break-in. This is just rude.
    How can you trust people after experiences like this?