Monday 3 June 2013



Would you at your earliest convenience let me know when you intend to vacate MY HOUSE, following your Section 21 eviction notice served in February asking you to leave by May 24th, due to poor payment of rent.

Since November 2012 you have made all payments late and have not considered that we have a mortgage to pay. I replaced a new washing machine that only you had used and was brand new when requested and provided you with a new oven as soon as I was notified at a cost totalling £800+. I made these payments with immediate effect to ensure that I was not in breach of my tenancy agreement with you.

You have also failed to report repairs as they have occurred and refused entry to the agent for inspection reports, the plumber to fix the leaking taps and British Gas to carry out safety checks, by failing to be in for appointments. You have also neglected the garden and I notice from inspection report photos for rooms that the agent could access that you have put up clocks, racks and pictures on the walls without obtaining permission to do so.

You have made no attempt to contact me during this period to ask if you can stay on in the property until you find a new place. You have not offered or attempted to make any further payment for the time you remain in the property. You have not indicated any time scale in which you will move out.

I have travelled to the UK from South Africa in order to carry out necessary repairs and to remarket the property. You are preventing me from doing this by your refusal to move out. You can use the Section 21 to go to the CAB and be given advise on housing issues, should be unable to afford rent on a new property. In the meantime my expenses are increasing daily, cost of accommodation, solicitor’s fees and court fees to repossess my property. I am also continuing to pay my mortgage and I’m unable to re advertise the property for rent due to some of the issues mentioned above.

I will be making a claim through the courts once the extent of the damage to the property is assessed, as the cleaning costs alone to remove the odour of the dogs by cleaning the carpets and the curtains plus the cost of a gardener will use most of your deposit and including the time you are now living rent free. If I am unable to recover the costs from yourselves then the guarantor will be liable.

To avoid any further expense to yourself please inform me or the agent when you intend on moving out of MY HOUSE and ensure all rental payments are up to date as well as the house and garden restored to the condition in which you rented it.



  1. Good luck with that, it is appalling that a good lanlord like yourself is being screwed by scumbag tennants! Can you not hold the letting agent liable for not vetting the tennant appropriately

    1. I'm concentrating on getting the tenants out, i'll deal with the rest once they're out

  2. I feel your pain. We too had problem tenants in our home in Canada, who leveraged the laws to their advantage. They would bounce rent cheques just long enough for us to pay legal fees to try and evict and then at the 11th hour would pay the rent, so we had to allow them to stay. They strung us along through 3 rounds of this merry dance before a judge was finally persuaded to evict them. I will not speak of the damage they did ... Why some people think owning a rental property is a good investment strategy is beyond me.

    1. It appears the law favours the tenants over the landlord, there is also a large chance I wont recover my expenses. My mortgage company charge me 1% extra per month for the privileged of renting the house out, I'm not making any money with rent, just about break even

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