Friday 21 June 2013

What goes on at a food event?

Don't know whether I should call this a 'sponsored blog' or not. I wasn't given any directives. I was a plus 1 to an evening at Tesco in Hatfield. It was a foodie thing, for bloggers to sample foods and give an opinion....or something like that.

I'm not a food blogger, but there are a few food posts on my blog. Anyway I went along not really knowing what to expect, had a glass of bubbly on arrival, chatted with a few people before sitting down to a presentation on Berries. Strawberries......did you know there are 35 varieties? an average of 200 pips on one and that Tesco finest, standard and value all come from the same growers and are boxed according to size, colour and taste? the only other thing that really stuck in my mind was the new Kiwi berry coming soon, complete with edible skin.

There was a taster session and to be honest I ate more of the clotted cream than I did the strawberries and therefore wasn't able to play the 'was A, B or C the finest, standard or value range' game. I thought the balsamic vinegar dip was an interesting combination and the blackberries were a bit sharp.

A bit more talking another glass of bubbly, a questionnaire and then the bit it appears everyone had come for....the freebies. Can't seriously believe how far some people travelled for this event.

I cannot give you a cost for this recipe as one wasn't provided and I'm not really sure what Tesco wanted from this event. I'm put off trying new foods due to costs, I'm not a big fan of tasters in supermarkets as you never know who's grubby hands have been handling the food (customers that is) I like the idea of the ready prepared pots where you can taste a variety of fruits but they are so expensive.

For me to try something new, the event was the best way of doing it, unfortunately the kiwi berries weren't available to taste so I can offer no opinion on them, which is a shame. But I can offer an opinion on the taste, which was lovely and I'll let you know about my opinion on the price when I next buy the ingredients, but that will be back in South Africa.

I had to google the recipe for the Summer berry tart with lemon cream that we had sampled. You'll have to excuse my methods as I was using someone else's kitchen and couldn't find anything, but it was simple to make, infact so simple after I'd used her goodie bag to make theirs, I took my ingredients on a train and tube to Wimbledon to another friends house where I stayed last night and with the help of her 10 year old son, made another one.

Couldn't find a whisk, so used the blender attachment (It worked)
 Tesco provided the pastry case, so no need to make one
 When it says 'warm the redcurrant jelly' it means DO NOT BOIL IT or you'll spend half an hour cleaning the pan
Tah dah and tastes as good as it looks.......yummy

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