Tuesday 16 July 2013

An update on the Accelerated possession Order

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I've been in the UK. I contacted the solicitors on the 27th May, the first working day after the tenants Section 21a notice to vacate the property was up.

I then gave them 2 weeks notice to inform them I would be seeking a possession order, which expired on June 26th. My solicitor issued the possession order on July 1st.

Today it is still at the court, in Worcester, it hasn't been issued, they are busy 3-4 week backlog of work, not enough staff. But it has progressed a little since last Friday, it is sitting on the Judges desk now.

I've no idea when it will get issued, but when it does the Judge will give the tenants 2 weeks to move, but they won't move out as they need to wait for the warrant for possession which can only be issued the first working day after the possession order notice is served.

How long before the warrant is issued? Assume the possession order is issued on Friday 19th. The earliest I can apply for the warrant will be August 5th. But how long will it sit in the courts before it is issued? another 3-4 weeks or longer with stuff backing up more.

I'm back in the UK beginning of September. I hope to have my house back by then, but who knows?

You can read the definition of what Accelerated means. Silly me, I thought that meant the same thing also, but I failed to factor incompetence, short staffing and the fact that landlords have no rights.

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