Thursday, 11 July 2013

Candy Shell for iPhone 4s from Speck Products

What a palaver.......I was given an iPhone 5 cover at Brit Mums Live, as suggested on the leaflet I gave it away and requested a case for the iPhone 4s so I could review it on my phone.
The only camera I have with me is the iPhone, so taking a picture with nephews phone, then using my phone to take a picture of the screen I came up with the following shots.
The speck products candy shell is bright, easy to put on, accessing the charging point was simple and the functions of the phone work through the shell with ease.
But that's it, what else can I say? I'm NOT prepared to drop my phone to see if it prevents breakage. 

I prefer to use this cover bought for £3 off the market as it protects the screen as well as stopping me from activating the screen in my bag.

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