Thursday 11 July 2013

Don't get done, get Dom

I received notification that accounts for Aug 2012 are outstanding from Companies House.

I don't need to submit accounts as I don't run a business and neither do any family members or friends and certainly not using our address. In fact we've never been approached by anyone to ask if they can register a public limited company from our address.

So I assumed our tenants must be operating a business without our permission and informed Companies House.

The response I received shocked me even further, the Director of the company isn't our tenant, it is a Mr Khan, did I know him? Then I was asked if I knew of anyone from an address in Birmingham. No I don't.

Well I don't need to worry as the business is being closed down and it will take up to 4 months to do so. Ok but what about any debts incurred? People don't tend to close down successful businesses do they?

I asked Companies House why they didn't check that Mr Khan had permission to use the address and they said they weren't legally required to.

So I called the local Police station who put me through to Action Fraud, who informed me that no fraud had actually taken place and they advised I called CAC's (I'm sorry I forget what the acronym stands for) who put me in touch with Trading Standards, who inform me it is not illegal for anyone to use anyone else's address to register their business from.

But I am required to seek permission from my mortgage company, but if I don't own the house then I can do what I like.

The woman at Trading Standards made a suggestion. Yes she was being serious.

'Why don't you write to the Director of the company and ask him why he's done this'

Yes, I'll write to Mr Khan, pop the letter in the post box, then wait by my front door for it to arrive.

Anyone else had experience of this? And if so, what did you do?


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