Tuesday 16 July 2013

How to adapt a boob tube for much needed bra straps

I need to buy a size 14 in dresses. I need a size 14 for my boobs, but my waist is a 10, so I prefer the elasticated tops on dresses, or something that pulls in under the waist so I don't look the same size all the way down. I also carry most of my 5'7' height in my legs so I'm limited with the range of maxi dresses. I've keep finding dresses the right length, but they are all strapless, boob tubes. I need to wear a bra.
I bought this dress from New Look today, it was £19.99, it fitted perfectly, but without a bra on, it just didn't work and those strapless ones aren't strong enough to take the strain. So I unpicked it and altered the dress to suit my needs. It was simple and easy to do, took 20 minutes and required a little bit of hand sewing.
From Boob tube

To dress with straps

Using the belt for the straps

Unpick the belt from the seams

Sew the seams back up and sew the belt on to make straps

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