Monday 12 May 2014

Things I hate about Social media and Mug & Tweet Book review.

This blog posted started last week and has been edited many times, it's not my intention to alienate anyone and rather tough if you think I'm talking about you and only you. I decided to scrap the post after the rant had subscribed but then I was asked to review a book by Rich Simmonds' 'Mug and Tweet, Social Communication in the digital age'

Now my first thought was 'it's my social media, don't tell me how I should use it' but as the book was given to me by a friend of the author I thought I really should make the time to read it. I lack 'skill and grace' when dealing with things that wind me up and I open my mouth (send tweets) without actually thinking about the best way to communicate effectively.

I had a mini melt down last week on and about Twitter which has resulted in me unfollowing a large number of people.

I'm fed up of seeing the same hashtags & product reviews by the same people and don't get me started on the bloody blogging awards and 'vote for me' posts doing the rounds at the moment.

I don't hate blog posts about people's lives and experiences. I don't follow or subscribe to any blogs at all, I just pick up links from twitter and Facebook and if the title and introduction catch my attention, I click and read. 

I blog about family life as an expat, food, travel, up cycling and charity work. I don't fit a niche, but I have a varied life that throws new challenges up at me daily. My blog is read in the real world, by people who aren't on social media sites, by family and friends, with a large chuck of my 9000 hits per month being world wide and a lot of interest via Russia and China, but those referral sites are a little dodgy to say the least. If like me, and you don't like what you read, then unfollow, walk away as you would do in real life if someone on the street was spouting crap at you for hours on end. 

So what has Rich Simmonds' book taught me about Social Communication in a digital age?  It has taught me the importance of keeping the private life and the business life separate and I'm thinking it could be time now to decide on what type of blogging focus I should have. The kids have left home, so my advice on parenting teenagers probably isn't relative to many people who are at that stage. What about travel Blogging? Yes I do a lot of travelling and living in South Africa there are numerous opportunities even if it is all local things. Food and up cycling posts? I don't really do many and I've been told my style of writing and general haphazard approach to it, just isn't of interest to the leading retailers. 

So what does it leave me with? Charity blogging and fundraising, that's what. I work full time as a volunteer, I'm involved in so many projects that I'm working sometimes 40+ hours a week, either at a facility or behind the scenes researching, fundraising and contacting sponsors.

I guess you could say I haven't really done a review of the book yet, as I've nothing to share with you about my findings, but I've read it, I've made notes and I'm going to try and apply it to a new blog and twitter account, one that focuses on fundraising, charity and education and hopefully keep all the crap on this blog and learn to fit the mould if I want to be successful in encouraging sponsors and donations to come my way.

And if Rich Simmonds' is reading this and fancies following up on Chapter 13, I'm free to meet for that coffee.

Mug and Tweet was published today and is available to buy online.


  1. I think it would be great to see you blogging about all the amazing charity work you do, at the same time, your life is quite fascinating with the kids here and there, and your travels.

    1. i plan to blog as normal and include all posts on this blog and then republish the charity ones on their own site also

  2. Mmm...interesting. I guess I read blogs exactly opposite to how you do. I subscribe to feeds and even if I don't always comment, I read it all. It actually annoys me beyond recognition when someone I have been reading branches off into a gazillion little blogs. When that happens I will inevitably just keep reading the feed I started off with and ignore the rest.

    What is this I hear about coffee? Hahaha, your let's do coffee sometime brush off story from Saturday really had me snickering. If you're up for it I would definitely like to meet for coffee some time (not the brush off kind).

    1. I'm going to start a new blog for my charity and fundraising as i feel my current blog is too open and honest and it does put sponsors off sometimes, I will continue to blog here and post the charity ones on her also, but have a stand a long page for the more sensitive types out and yes please, coffee any and every time, will contact you via twitter to 'make a plan' :-)