Tuesday 6 May 2014

When was the last time you got all your kids together?

At the start of our expat journey in 2011 we moved with children 4 & 5 to South Africa, leaving child 1 & 3 in the UK and child 2 in Germany.

Having just returned from a trip to the UK, I was unable to get all 5 of the children together at the same time.

Having spent the evening trawling the physical photo albums and on the laptop, I found 3 pictures of all the children together. Sadly there isn't a single picture of us with the kids, other than me and the kids or hubby and the kids (who else would take the picture?)

This picture was taken in 2002, the one and only time we all holidayed together in France. 

2003 on the Malvern Hills

Christmas 2004 Malvern

The last time we had all the children together was in 2007.

Since then we've had different combinations of kids together but not all at the same time. 
Now all the children live in the UK, leaving just hubby and I here together. In December for the first time in 7 years we will all be in the same country at the same time, what's the chance of us all getting together?


  1. Crossing my fingers all goes as planned.

    1. this year we will only be seeing one child at a time. Dan is here now, alex in august and jamie and his girlfriend in september, maybe a cross over with alex.

  2. Hope you manage it, it must be tricky at times to orchestrate and even more so when they get older?

    1. We always manage to see all the kids, in the past 3 years when I've visited the UK i've left the youngest 2 in South Africa. I did manage to get the 3 in the UK together but child no 3 has since moved to Leeds, the other 4 are now all in Gloucestershire, but even on the last trip the most i got together at one time was 3 of them

  3. I can do identify with this. How I would love a picture of Nick, Kyle, Kyla, Kevin, Liam James, Victoria, Douglas and Jenna-Lee all together.