Monday 7 July 2014

The cost of volunteering and fundraising.

Last weekend I visited a township called Kildare near Kruger National Park. I paid R2000 for fuel and R600 for accommodation plus around R200 for the tolls.

I had an amazing few days with the staff from the Viva Foundation, staying in the park and we were fortunate enough to see a Leopard.
The purpose of our visit was to equip a school with donations we had received, but I'm starting to wonder now if my R2800 would have been better served in the Viva pot rather than wasting it on fuel etc. It would've bought a lot of food or could have been given to pastor Jonny for his fuel costs for collecting water for the community or towards medical bills.

Or has the R2800 been a good investment in regards to attracting other sponsors, donations, raising awareness? Only time will tell.

So if you want to make a donation to support further projects like this, educating the wider community please donate here.

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