Thursday 3 July 2014

Winter in South Africa

The sun still shines, the sky is blue and I can’t remember the last time it rained here, certainly not since I returned from my trip to the UK on May 2nd and it probably won’t *rain again now till September, it's very dusty and everything is brown.

But don’t be fooled by the clear blue skies, we are scraping ice off the car first thing in the morning. Day time temps are still in the high teens and will probably stay like that for the whole of winter but after the sun sets and before it rises, temps are currently around 2-5c and we’re just waiting for the zero and below to kick in and when it does, boy is it even colder.

Family and friends who have visited in the winter from the UK are wearing summer gear in the day as they say it’s so warm compared to a UK summer. I start my day off with as many layers as I can manage and still be able to move.

It snowed in Pretoria in 2012, the 1st time since 1963. Some of the Malls have ice rinks.

By mid morning I’ve removed the scarf, gloves and maybe the fleece from underneath my coat, I may regret wearing tights with my jeans and boots, but that moment passes quickly.

The sun sets around 5.30pm within the hour I’ve had my bath and I’m on the sofa in my fleece pjs, blanket and hot water bottle and feet off the cold tiled floor. By 8pm we’re in bed with the electric blanket on, watching TV, but then we fall asleep early and wake early, before the sun rises at 6am, not wanting to get up, but as soon as it does, it’s straight outside to drink our tea and coffee under the sun where it is nice and warm.

*since scheduling this post there was a hail storm and torrential rain over the weekend


  1. Love to hear about the weather from around the world. The UK is currently basking in sun with temperature's around 20C. It's hard to imagine that it's so cold at night where you are. A fascinating read.

  2. I was so surprised when you posted the picture of the ice on the car. I just didn't think it got that cold in South Africa.