Thursday 10 July 2014

What's getting me down right now?

Our house has NO insulation, wooden and metal window frames and single pane glass, it is also open plan and very little sun light reaches inside the house, it gets dark by 5.30pm and the sun doesn't rise till 6.45am which leads me to:

Power cuts
Last week was 3 days without electricity, this week 3 mornings in a row the power has switched off, hot baths are limited as is the use of the electric blanket and this morning I had to get ou to dry my hair at the gym, which leads me to:

I came back from the Uk beginning of May with a chest infection, very soon I had pleurisy, the last weekend of June I actually felt well and went to Kruger, I returned with the flu, took to my bed which means I haven't been going to the gym or attending my physio and that leads me to:

I've had little taste or sense of smell, I haven't felt hungry, when I have eaten it's been junk food, preprepared food and chocolate and coke and in turn I've had headaches, suffered with my neck which is made worse by the cold of winter.

So now I've completed a full cycle with Winter, Power cuts, health and diet I'll tell you what else has been getting me down.

Charity work
The more I do, the more I see, the more useless I feel that I can't help more people and the more money I spend. There are new people and structures in a few of the places I volunteer at, who want set days and times so they can plan around my arrival, but that's not how I work, I'm a volunteer I give my time and my skills when I can.

Work (lack of)
Or at least some kind of an income to fund the voluntary work.

Face book
I've temporally deleted my account. Why? Well I'm sort of fed of people thinking they keep in touch with me purely because they 'like' a picture or comment. I'm also fed of people make huge announcements on face book and then expect that I trawl through their posts looking for these said announcements and then reply with heart felt sincerity. You have news to tell me, then tell me, when we moved to SA we told people individually, even if it was on a private message and waited till all had replied before we made it public. I get upset hearing about pregnancies, marriages etc at the same time as casual acquaintances.

USB port
There are only 2 on my MacBook Air and one of them doesn't work. I've only had the laptop for a few months and it should be repaired under warranty, but it will be away for weeks for the repair and I'll have no computer access.

Decisions for the future
I'd love to have a say in our future, our timescale and the how, when and where.

So I have lots getting me down right now, I'm being proactive about dealing with these issues, but when you suffer with ill health, ones ability to focus on what's important, goes out the window.

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