Thursday 10 July 2014

You're not perfect either.

For some parents out there who blog about other parents looking down on them, remember this......
when you blog about how the perfect mummy made a mistake or told you how 'perfect' their family are, just remember they are probably telling you this because without knowing it you're probably the person that made them feel inferior in the first place and the reason why perhaps they need to show off to your face, rather than through a blog post. Just remember that next time you go to put someone down, maybe there is a reason they've behaved like that.

I unfollowed a mass of tweeters that do just that, sometimes I was able to read between the lines (140 characters and see just who they were talking about). I don't follow any blogs, but I do click on links on twitter that catch my attention.

There seems to be a change in how blogs are being written, everyone is the expert, professional and their way is the right way, this in turn is leading to a lot of negative blog posts about how wrong these self proclaimed experts are. I think a lot of it comes from some people wanting to add the words 'award winning blogger' to their profiles.

The thing to remember is, that on social media we all come from different backgrounds, different cultures/communities and actually have little in common with one another online. I wrote previously about parenting support in the good old day before social media.

And if your child doesn't get picked to take the lead in the school play or come first at sports day, what's the worse that can happen to them? Most of the time the child isn't actually that bothered, but as parents it seems important to some that their child is the most popular.

As per usual when I tweet or blog something like this I get a string on responses from people who ask 'who me?' it rarely ever is, but it is so reassuring to know that there are people out there that still care about how their opinions on others can upset.

Please note I've used the word 'some' and not 'all' so try not to get offended and please be aware I will be honest with any responses to comments, because I, like 'some' don't believe in playing the game to appear to fit in.


  1. I agree. I think everyone makes judgements, some without realising, and not being hurtful, it's just a natural response to seeing or hearing something, based on your beliefs. I know I'm terribly judgemental, but I'd hope that I try and keep it to myself, or at least try and turn it round to think 'I would do or say xyz instead, but everyone is different and that's what makes us humans.

    I definitely try to avoid doing it on my blog. Yes I have views, but I'd want to share what I've found useful through our experience rather than preaching that's the way to do it. After all, every child or parent is different, and they'd all trying to work their way through parenting (and blogging) in their own way.

  2. I never claim to be perfect, I am far from it, and I would hope that that comes through in my blog. However, I do often read some posts where they portray their family life as this perfect bubble and perfect children...which to be honest, often makes me feel even more like a failure.

    I have noticed that the blogging world has changed over the past 3 years and there are a lot of bloggers who are out for awards - same as there are a few who seem to think that they are above others. It's becoming really competitive, and that's sad. x