Saturday 26 November 2016

Week 47 - One Daily Positive and Project 366

......and relax.

School Inspection week over and they didn't come in my classroom.

The last 2 weeks at work have actually been stress free, I've been going in on time and leaving on time. I try to teach every week as if I was going to be inspected, lesson planning, observations up to date, learning journeys completed, trackers updated as I go and gap analysis updated and reviewed.

Only 3 more weeks till the end of term and I finish working at the school. Despite not feeling so stressed, I've decided that teaching 4 and 5 year olds really isn't my thing anyway. I'm fortunate that my visa is sponsored by my husband and financially I don't need to work. 

It will be nice to have weekends back, rather than spending it food shopping and cleaning the house and to spend time with visitors without relying on only 5 hours sleep and to be able to choose when I travel back to the UK, rather than just in the school holidays with inflated prices.

Day 325 Writing
I'm planning on doing some writing when I finishes work, I've 30,000 words towards a book, I've no idea if it's any good, but if I don't try I'll never know.

Day 326 Cold
Driving around the new canal area looking for a woman's house that I visited on foot a few weeks back, finally found it and the coffee's were still hot.

Day 327 I'm eating
Rack of Ribs with Peter and a friend at The Beach, JBR.

Day 328 Home
With a house full of visitors between now and January 10th there will be lots of meals out. Reem Al Bawadi, is our 2nd home at the moment.

Day 329 Oh Well
Getting ready for a rare night out with work, when I dropped a full can of coke on the floor, covering the bed, walls, floors and the cat and dog.

Day 330 Window
My view ALL day nursing a hangover. It's lovely to have the windows open now the weather has cooled, except that the house is now full of sand.

Day 331 My Favourite
Peter and I cleaned the house this morning, then I popped out to the Garden Centre for a coffee. peter headed out to the cinema in the afternoon and I awaited visitors.


  1. Good luck with the writing! 30,000 words is a lot!
    I had to laugh at the Coke can incident! Whoops!
    Glad the school inspection is over. Do you feel relieved or cheated that they didn't go into your classroom?

    1. slightly cheated they didn't visit, but hey ho, less stress for me

  2. Sounds like a good week. Glad work isn't so stressful and well done on the 30,000 words! Good luck with the book

    1. thank you, looking forward to finishing work in 2 weeks

  3. Writing sounds an interesting thing to do and 30,000 is a great start. Glad the inspection is out of the way anyway.

  4. Good luck with the book x and superb character name I have to say

  5. Oh no to the Coke accident, the book sounds exciting and looks there will be plenty to keep you busy when you leave the school #366

  6. Oh no at dropping the coke and having to clean it up.
    Glad you are not so stressed, and I am sure another job will turn up when you want one.
    I agree the freedom of not being tied down is handy, but I know you were lonely when Peter away so friends at work would be a plus.

    1. the only problem was i only saw people in the day and briefly over a quick coffee at break time, rarely mixed with anyone outside of school

  7. And maybe a trip to SA sometime soon again :)

  8. been reminded of all the other incidents from the kids where they shook the can on purpose before offering it to a sibling