Thursday 2 March 2017

Gardening in Dubai in the rain.

3 weeks of rain glorious rain here in Dubai and I'm loving it.

 There was a bit of damage at our local car park after high winds and sadly numerous car accidents
 I've been able to wear my favourite purple croc boots and my supermarket, leopard print boots bought in South Africa.

 I was given some organic seeds to sew a few months back, but I have absolutely no idea what these are, so I've planted them in rows, thinking potatoes?????
 I spent over an hour tying up all the plants after heavy winds, my back was killing me.
 I'm hoping to see a bit more life in the garden over the next few weeks, my tomato plants are producing fruit at 1-2 per week and the strawberries which are growing better are very bitter.

 There has also been some regrowth from last year, plants I thought I'd removed but they'd obviously seeded, I'm happy where they are though.
 The nasturtium is growing well, I managed to get it to flower last year, lets hope it does again this year.
 You've probably worked out by now that my gardening is pot luck, I have no idea what these bulbs are, but they're growing.
 The are more seedlings to be planted out, some are sunflowers, which I put into bigger pots.

 These two seeds trays have yielded nothing for the past few weeks, I moved the trays indoors and seedlings started to sprout within 36 hours. Sweet peas need a constant temperature to germinate, I recall now that last year they did the same thing.


  1. Rain always smells so nice when the weather has been dry. Your garden is looking very green and fresh. You'll be in for a surprise when those seedlings get a little larger, I can't tell what they are from the photo.

    1. i've still no idea what those plants are, and they're getting quite big now

  2. You've also reminded me I need to get my sweet peas started!