Monday 13 March 2017

It's ok to be bored

Finally my husband gets it 'I'm bored' but it doesn't mean I'm depressed or I need hundreds of suggestions of things to do to keep me occupied.

I have been applying for jobs and have been offered an interview, so this whole post could be irrelevant in May, but for now it's fairly accurate of how I combat the boredom.

I don't need to be kept busy. Despite there only being the 2 of us living in a 4 bed villa with our cat and dog, there is plenty to do. It's just boring doing the same thing over and over again.

I am actively seeking employment, but want to find the right job and I'm facing many dilemmas right now with it.

For example my average week is as follows:

Daily chores: Cook, wash up, mop kitchen floor, walk the dog.

Sunday - empty bins, tidy house, clean, put washing on
Monday - tackle one job, bathroom tiles, windows, oven, garage floor
Tuesday - take Bob to the desert, wash dogs beds, wash dog
Wednesday - ironing
Thursday - food shop

The weekends are slightly different as we rarely cook, or clean or food shop. We take Bob into the desert, we go out for breakfast, we wander around a mall, go to the cinema, for a walk, to the beach, watch movies at home, eat out or just have PJ days eating junk food. We just generally spend time together doing nothing, but together. Weekends aren't boring, I have company.

The gaps in-between in the week are spent blogging, writing letters, gardening, sewing dog beds, walking rescue dogs and going out for coffee as well as a bike ride, a walk along the beach or a visit to a mall or a tourist attraction just because I can.

At the moment with it being winter in Dubai, it's very windy and there are sand storms, so I'm kept extra busy sweeping and cleaning all the sand out the house on a daily basis, it's also been raining so muddy paw prints are the bane of my life.

I'm going out the house every day for a walk or a bike ride, a different route, visit a different coffee shop.

I keep my eye open for 'things to do in Dubai' free events, arts, music, literacy, wedding fayres, races. Places where I can meet people, learn something new, visit new places.

What I hear a lot of when I tell people I'm bored is 'but you live in Dubai' these same people have been to Dubai, I've taken them to all the tourist spots, malls, beaches, experiences. I don't want to be doing them on my own or over and over again. It's boring doing the same thing over and over again and Dubai is very expensive. I live here, I'm not on holiday.

I'm travelling to the UK soon, to visit family and friends, to wander around parks, take photo's of ancient buildings, go to garden centres for afternoon tea, wander round the individual shops, fight for car parking spaces, try new foods, walk in the rain, wear winter clothing, visit castles and churches, museums, do all the stuff that you find boring, expensive, repetitive and moan about daily as being 'boring' and 'there's nothing to do round here'

It's the same for me, life in Dubai is boring, it's normal, it's routine. It's actually OK to be bored. All I have to address now is the loneliness and I'll have cracked living here.

Do you find it's boring where you live?


  1. I get lonely too and I'm bored in my job so u know how you feel. I'd love to visit dubai one day but I have no one to go with and it doesn't strike me as the kind of place to visit alone. I understand your need to find the right job. Good luck with the interview. Silvernlilac

    1. Dubai is the perfect place to visit alone, no one actually notices you're on your own

  2. Hope the job interview goes well and, if it's the right thing, you get it. :)

  3. As much as I long to have all that time to myself, the reality is of course that it is lonely and boring after a while. I had imagined there would be a thriving ex-pat community to tap into, but I guess maybe not from what you've said. Making new friends as an adult is hard. We've been rejected by so many people here, usually because of my eldest having an autistic blast in their company. No-one accepts a repeat invitation! I'm hoping it will be better when we move away from the judgmental, materialistic South East. I hope you manage to find some kindred spirits soon too x

    1. there is a large expat community here, but i refuse to play their silly games about who can network the best and who spends the most money, it drives me up the wall. We too have a disabled child so know that feeling well