Saturday 17 June 2017

One Daily Positive - Week 24

I got my results from my blood tests and MRI back on Sunday. I have a high white blood count, which indicates a virus or infection so had to have them repeated, they came back My MRI shows I have protruding discs on C5, 6 & 7 which are pressing onto the nerves and the spinal fluid. I also have no curve to my spine, all of which causes me pain, can aggrevate the migraines, gives me pins and needles in my thumbs and index finger and can cause me to drop things without warning. Surgery isn't an option and there is no long term damage. I did however point out to the Dr, that I've had this chronic pain and problems since 1994 and therefore I already consider it long term. The good thing being there was little change since the last MRI scan in 2000. Physio over the years and nerve regeneration and nerve blocks have helped but only short term, so basically this is just how it is, which I knew already.

My brain scan results were a little worrying but again there's nothing that can be done, I have a lesion on my frontal lobe either a cause of, or caused by my migraines, apparently nothing needs doing, they are fairly common.

I'm trying a new medication to prevent the migraines and have more physio booked to try and get me back to a better place for me to maintain the pain. This is a process I repeat every 2 years.

I also had an eye test on Wednesday which involved dilating the pupils and I couldn't see anything for a couple of hours. There's nothing wrong there either, other than directly linked to the migraines. It's just migraines......mmmmmm just? They cripple me for several days, at least once a month

I haven't been taking many photos recently, I haven't been doing anything of interest and when I do it just seems to be of the same things. It's rather boring in Dubai at the moment now it's summer. When I do go out it's for as shorter time as possible in this heat and besides my phone keeps switching itself off with the heat. I'm off to the UK tomorrow night for a couple of months, so I'll have something to interest me for a while.

162 Sunday. Calm. MRI results back.

After getting my results I spent the middle of day with a friend for coffee and cake and then ran the hoover round, spending the late afternoon and evening watching you tube and blogging.

163 Monday. Contract. Geez medical aid doesn't need to be this complicated.

Waited in all day for the aircon repair man, he didn't show. Cleaned the bathrooms and bedroom and spent the rest of the day sorting out the medical aid and sons school. I'm so frustrated, at several points I actually cried and threw things.

164 Tuesday. I'm doing.

Bob had his injections ready for kennels when I'm away and Peter is travelling with work next month. Everywhere has changed their opening hours for Ramadan and not everywhere has updated their website, so I bought myself flowers and coffee and read my book. Bob and I visited the vets for his annual jabs.

165 Wednesday. Cake. I opted for beer rather than dessert.

After the shock discovery of being weighed at the Doctors almost 3 weeks ago, I've cut sugar and bread out of my diet and have lost 1kg. I had physio, blood tests and my eye exam and in the evening I went out for dinner with a friend for the pub quiz. We came third, it was just the 2 of us and we really need to polish up on our geography.

166 Thursday. Spots.

I stayed over the night before and after walking the dogs early morning, I enjoyed a swim in the communal pool, by 10am the sun was too hot and I could feel the sun burning my skin, so my swim was cut short. I took a walk in the afternoon for a coffee, the temps hit 46c, I was physically sick on the way back.

167 Friday. Nature.

We went out for coffee in the morning, Peter had his haircut and we did some shopping. We've both been playing word cookies and are rather addicted to it, we watched TV and did little else, it's just too hot for being outdoors and everything else involves spending money just to be entertained.

168 Saturday. Song. When you walk past these tubes and touch them they play tunes, at Dubai Mall.

Up early to walk Bob, bathe him and wash his bedding ready for me going away on Sunday. It's my birthday next week, so I dragged Peter to the aquarium and we went out for lunch, food shopping in the afternoon, stocking up on dog and cat food etc whilst I'm away.

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  1. I am so sorry to hear all the test results didn't give you any good news or solutions. Do you try any none medical stuff like yoga etc? Obviously only when aircon is fixed! I would be the same with the heat as I can't stand it. #365

  2. It sounds like a really tough week. You will be so glad to arrive in the UK to cooler temperatures. Although we think it's far too hot at the moment!
    Love that photo in Dubai Mall. So much colour!

    1. I'm so looking forward to being able to spend most of my time outdoors

  3. The results were not good, but at least you know it is nothing sinister though must be depressing to know it will not improve much either.
    Yes I would agree it is way to hot to be out and I would not like to be a pet with a fur coat in that weather.

    1. well i've had chronic pain for 23 years now, pleased to hear it's not getting worse

  4. Oh no! It sounds like you have had a hard week. I'm sorry the test results didn't really tell you anything new. I hope the new medication helps. Sending hugs.
    hehehe! I have been playing Word Cookies too. It is so addictive and gets you thinking too :) x

  5. Sorry to hear it's been a frustrating week. I hope the physio and the medication help. Glad you hear you will be over here for a while soon.

    1. just about to undo all the good work with 2 long plane trips

  6. Love those light tubes. What a nightmare that nothing can be done to resolve your issues permanently. It must be so draining for you #365

    1. the sun and temps really don't help with my migraines and I was hoping for a break from the sun when I arrived

  7. I hope your journey over to the UK was uneventful and I'm sorry the tests didn't give you more answers. Hopefully the cooler temperatures and being at home will make for a better couple of months. Love those light tubes!

    1. pah to the cooler temps it's the hottest it's been in the UK since the mid 70s

  8. Sorry to hear the results were not great but glad they don't see to have worsened!

    Temps here reached 32 and we were struggling....can only imagine how hard it must be there!

    Those tubes look fab!

    1. 32c is the current min temp in Dubai for the summer