Tuesday 13 June 2017

What to pack in your suitcase for a holiday to the UK?

I asked twitter what I should pack for my holiday in the UK next week and this is what I was told to bring the four S's.

Sense of humour

Now I have no sanity left, my sense of humour has disappeared, I'm coming to the UK to escape the relentless sun of Dubai and a Sou'wester is actually a hat, who knew? For years I'd thought it was one of those long yellow coat/trouser combinations that fishermen wore.

But seriously, I'm coming to the UK for a holiday. My first holiday in the UK since 2010. yes I've been to the UK a couple of times a year over the past 7 years and stayed with family and friends, but I've been sleeping on sofas, sharing rooms with others, living out of a suitcase. I'm NOT complaining, but it's been hard work, tiring and when I've returned home I've felt like I've needed a holiday to recover.

This year we have a 1 bed flat we purchased in South Wales, not in a typical holiday destination, by the sea etc, but in a small town, that plenty of people do actually visit. Whilst it's not a hotel, it will be my own space, it's self contained, in the middle of town and I will be able to not only switch off and relax, but actually unpack and put my suit case away for a while.

The other advantage I have is that I could leave some clothes there on my last trip, winter gear, that I don't need in Dubai.

So being British I know that the weather in the UK is variable, I'm also fully aware that sunshine and heat waves in the South East means it's probably raining everywhere else and that balmy summer will only last 2-3 days before temps drop again to below 20c.

It's always difficult to know what to pack to visit another country, our perception of what weather feels like is based on what we know. For example 20c here in Dubai requires a jacket or jumper in the mornings and evenings, in the UK thats shorts and t shirt weather and I do get funny looks when I'm in the UK wearing hat, gloves and a coat sometimes.

In Dubai I wear dresses, sandals, sleeveless tops, 3/4 length trousers, I dress, I grab a pashmina and go out the door. I don't have to worry about a coat, my feet and my hair getting wet, I don't have to dress with several layers, to take on and off during the day.

If I was coming back for winter I'd be fine, boots, jumpers, jeans, jacket, hat, gloves and scarf. I've got dressing for extreme weather down to a fine art, but summer in the UK? I want to wear a dress to an event, but then I need a coat, once I put the coat on, I need to change my shoes, dainty sandals and a coat don't look right, but then when I get to the venue, I have a lovely dress on and clumpy shoes, should I take my sandals to change into, then I'm carrying a large bag, so I end up wearing trousers and a top that go with the coat and the shoes and a big bag that contains a jumper should it cold later anyway.

I have a generous 30kg allowance. I don't have to pack toiletries and half my suit case is full of gifts.

Camera in suitcase as I'm flying with Turkish Airlines via Istanbul and Hello Kitty kitchen roll for my niece, as well as bargain Converse and Toms I picked up in the sales for 2 of the boys and a girlfriend.

The other half of my case just needs to have a pair of shoes, 1 top and 1 pair of trousers to add plus my hair straighteners and I'm good to go.

I have heels, boots, sandals, dress, jumpers, rain jacket, trousers, cardigans, t shirts and blouses. I will be wearing layers and carrying my hand luggage bag around with me with an umbrella, waterproofs etc on most days out I suspect.


  1. Oh crikey packing it is so stressful trying to get the right amount of stuff, sounds like you haven got this task down to a T X #pocolo

    1. i think i'm sorted now, can always buy anything i've forgotten

  2. The contrast in temperature must be huge and take you a few days to adapt. I can well imagine that having your own base this time will be far more relaxing. Hope you have a good visit. #pocolo

    1. it will be so nice to be in a cooler place where i can enjoy the outdoors

  3. Errr, I think you might have brought the sunshine with you by mistake! Packing for summer in the UK is so problematic, especially when you're an optimist like me! Hope you had a safe trip over, thanks for sharing with #PoCoLo

    1. i didn't bring no where near enough summer clothes