Tuesday, 6 November 2018

October and Autumn in the UK and Dubai and Spring in South Africa

With 4 boys, the UK year was run around the school holidays. We knew two birthdays could possibly be outdoors if it didn't rain, but the other 2 were indoor events for sure. We marked the year also by events, such as Easter, holiday, halloween and bonfire and of course Christmas. Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter taken care of. We weren't big gardeners, so things got hacked back when over grown or planted out when bought from a nursery.

On moving to South Africa our seasons turned back to front, celebrating Christmas when it was in the middle of summer and 35c was confusing. Spring and autumn were similar to the UK's autumn and winter, the rain in South Africa is in summer, not winter. Summer in SA is the UK's winter, so to some extent it felt the same. But having temps of minus 5c in June and witnessing snow in July was all very weird and for the 4 years we lived there, I never really got my head around it.

Of course now living in Dubai, it's pretty much summer all year round. They have 3 ways of measuring the temperature here, which are 'hot, hotter and 3rd rock from the sun' Nothing happens outdoors during the summer, the humidity is high, condensation forms on the outside of the windows as the hot air hits the cold of the air con the other side.
In the UK the condensation is inside the room.

So whilst it's autumn in both the UK and Dubai, it is spring in South Africa. The UK is preparing for winter, giving the garden one last tidy before the frosts, rain and snow, yet Dubai and South Africa, although in opposite seasons are preparing for the outdoor life, wlaks, parks, picnics and BBQs or Braai's as they call them in SA.

October in the UK

South Africa


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  1. Your world looks amazing this time of year. I'll be following you for cheerful updates as we head into drab winter in USA / Ohio. What did you do to your garden to prepare for Autumn?

    1. I don't do any prep for autumn as until 2 weeks ago the temps were still in the 40c/104f now the weather has cooled to 30c/86f i've just tidied up, cut back shrubs and trees and put in bedding plants

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  3. It must be so odd when you've lived in other countries to work around the changing of the seasons and weather in your head!! #blogcrush