Thursday 14 February 2019

Animal Antics in Dubai in January

We've had mixed weather in Dubai this January from sun bathing in the garden to

dog walking in the rain.

We've had numerous trips to the dog park

 which means lots of baths

leaving both the cat and I traumatised.

The cat has been quite adventurous and scarring the living day lights out of me as she tries to catch birds from the balcony.  

Bob was caught napping on my chair. I now pile books on it when I vacate it.

We've had this cat visiting, it's in a bad way, someones pet they no longer want and have dumped, sadly the neighbourhood strays aren't very friendly towards her. 

We found these crabs and a starfish on the beach.

And had plenty of cuddles with Bob and Pushkins.


  1. Oh my, what an adorable pooch! He has characteristics similiar to my four legged boy and these shots leave me grinning ear to ear. Pets, they are good people. xoxo #blogcrush xoxo

    1. having pets certainly provides a lot of entertainment

  2. I love the photo of your cat on the bathroom towels - great shot! And your wellies are fabulous! #blogcrush

    1. i play regular hide and seek with the cat and a lot of time re washing things grrrrrrrrr