Friday 15 February 2019

Creating a Garden in the desert. January 2019

This is our garden in Dubai. Yes it's small, but we also have 2 balconies we can sit out on. It's low maintenance due to the heat of summer and it being impossible to garden when it's 45c, but you'd be surprised at how much does grow.

We've had rain in January, it's been most welcomed,

however there is a down side,

sand and dirt in the rain and from the balconies.

I finally managed to purchase some covers for the outdoor furniture that we acquired in South Africa, it's been moved outdoors to make way for the new sofa. 

My seedlings have grown well, from sunflowers to tomato plants and

even my nasturtium flowered this year.

There's been a slight issue with Bob digging in the garden and the lawn has been reseeded.

Thinking I can borrow this tip from the local golf course and spray paint the gaps.

Despite the rain I've still needed to water the garden.

Mum and I came across these fun tulip chairs on the beach.


  1. I love what you've done with such a small outside space. I'm not the best at gardening but it looks you have a lovely outdoor space #pocolo

    1. thank you, it took more planning than i thought

  2. How ingenious! It makes your outdoor space look good as well as being functional.

  3. It does look wonderful considering you are in the middle of a desert! You have managed to grow more than I ever have. lol I imagine you are forever sweeping sand.

  4. Hi Suzanne, I'm surprised you manage to keep your grass so lush looking in those temperatures. My husband has really battled to keep his grass looking nice (someone told him it could never be done here)and our temperatures are nothing like yours. That sand must be a right pain in the bum. It's bad enough bringing it in from the beach in summer.

    Popped by from #PoCoLo


    1. it's a full time job with growing the grass and sweeping the sand

  5. I love those tulip chairs! We have the same problem with sand and rain in our garden and, yes, it is especially horrible trying to garden in the summer! Phew! We gave up on the grass and changed to pebbles. The grass just couldn't take the heat and was patchy. Your garden looks cute! #PoCoLo

  6. those tulip chairs were difficult to prise and keep open whilst balancing on the rocks. we keep the grass so there's something cooler and softer under feet for the dog