Sunday 17 February 2019

Around the home this January 2019

There have been a few changes around the house this January, making way for the new sofa we've ordered for the TV room.

We purchased a couple of new rugs from the market in Masafi. This red one in the lounge and 

this pale green runner for the hall.

 We also moved the white IKEA furniture from the hallway (book case and plant stand) to the upstairs area.

I love these repurposed drawers used as book shelfs which are now upstairs also.

The sofa is made to measure and this is the area it will be in. The old wicker furniture which we acquired in South Africa has now been relocated to the balcony behind the curtains.

The spare room is the next to be tackled (receive a make over) the MFI furniture (out of shot) will be replaced with a simple desk and a storage unit for files. I'll tackle that job in March.

Do you have any plans for your home this spring?


  1. Your home looks fantastic! Love these repurposed drawers.


  2. I love your rugs! The one in your lounge would look lovely in my lounge (my curtains look very similar to yours) I'd love one like that in my hallway too, but I wouldn't be able to get past in my wheelchair.

    1. thank you, the hall rug really breaks the cold floor up but it's difficult to get a suit case over so you'd struggle with a wheel chair

  3. We moved in about a year ago, and still have quite a lot of 'doing' to look and feel settled. So many other obstacles pulling us in different directions. We must make it a plan. My brain needs it. I love the repurposed drawers! xoxo #Globalblogging xoxo

    1. we've been in this place just over a year now, still not happy with the layout of it