Monday 17 February 2020

Settling in a dog and a cat from South Africa to the UK, via Dubai.

Bob the Dog aged 10 and Pushkins aged around 11, started their journey to the UK from South Africa, via Dubai. The cat just moved in with us one day in 2012 and the dog was adopted from the SPCA in 2013.

They had 5 years in Dubai where they adapted well to the heat and for the last 2 years Pushkins has been an indoor cat, due to health issues.

They arrived in the UK on February 1st 2020 and so far, despite the cold and the rain, they've settled in well.

It has been helped by child 5 travelling with me, child 4 and 4a visiting and Peter arriving a week later.

They've established a routine of walks, food, sleep and toileting.

Bob is used to extreme weather from living in Dubai and adopted the same approach to the cold, rain and wind in the UK, he needs the toilet, it's a quick dash outside and straight back in.

The cat is still trying to find her spot and we're playing a lot of hide and seek as she has done on previous moves.

Bob is exploring new territory, new smells, sounds (sirens) more cars, pedestrians and a variety of other dogs. It takes us forever to get anywhere as he's constantly being petted. In between he's straining on the leash to explore further. We're not sure if he even speaks the new language of dogs here yet and has been very calm as one appears around a corner wither on an expandable lead and even off leash. The post being delivered is a puzzle to them both.

Bob has never been in shops before. We taught him to lie down by saying bed, so I'm carrying a towel with me to the coffee shops to wipe his paws on and for him to lie down on, so I can drink my coffee without him wanting to explore.

He's so far behaved himself in shops and banks.


  1. Awwww! I absolutely love this post! :)
    Bob looks so cute all curled up by the fire - I don't blame him! Even animals will feel the difference in temperature, but good to hear they are adapting ok and learning a new way of life. Hope you are all feeling more settled this week... welcome back to lots of rain! Sim x #PoCoLo

    1. Thank you, it's been a big adventure for them both, but this will be their last move

  2. Loved the photo of Bob curled up beside the fire. We have a 13-year-old dog who dashes out to pee, then comes back in as quickly as possible when it's cold too!

    1. The fire isn't switched on it's just a lamp glowing

  3. Sounds like they've adapted really well #PoCoLo