Friday 28 February 2020

Post Comment Love 28th Feb - 1st March

Well my month in the UK has come to an end quicker than I thought. I've got most of the jobs done around the house, cleaning, repairs and will order new carpets when I finish the painting in April. Looking forward to the warmer weather to get out into a now empty garden now, we have some lawn, mostly weeds and a new fence. I'm off back to Dubai on Tuesday and will be advertising our garden and fence there for sale, shame I can't just bring it all over here in the container.

UK Garden before

UK garden now, a nice blank canvas to work from, with a new fence.

My MIL arrives today and is house sitting for the next 3 weeks, while I pop back over to Dubai to organise the insurance for the container to send our furniture back to the UK and to apply for my Transfer of Residency so I don't have to pay tax/duty on our personal belongings.

My friend is going to walk Bob for me in the evenings, apart from the week she comes out to Dubai with her husband.

Hope you've all survived the storms and flooding. Although where I live hasn't been directly affected by the floods, I am living in the triangle between the River Severn and the River Wye and major routes have been been cut off. My family in Monmouth, South Wales have been hit the worse, becoming an island for several days.

Stephanie and I would love top know what you've been up to this week.

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  1. I love how yoy pop over! I would have to be knocked out to do a flight that long! I hope the rain doesn't get any worse for your family and yourself. I can't believe the weather this year. xx

  2. Anything 7 hours and under we consider a short flight these days