Monday 3 February 2020

Bob and Pushkins arrive in the UK from South Africa, via Dubai

We were adopted by Pushkins in 2012

We adopted Bob in 2013

6 months later

In December 2014 we moved to Dubai taking them both with us.

Last week they completed their journey after 5 years in Dubai with their arrival in the UK, which will be their final home.

We're having a lot of fun so far, lots of walks, new sounds, smells and places. I'll update you on their experiences next week

You can read more of our Repatriation story below:

Some of these links aren't yet live and will be updated.

Repatriation or Operation Relocation

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  1. Aww! Bless them! They have had quite a life travelling around the world. I hope they are settling in well x

  2. I loved the photo of Bob and Pushkins together on the rug. They are friends! I bet they are happy to be home.

    1. They are so happy together and even more so when the 2nd youngest child and hubby arrived

  3. So pleased all went well. They look great buddies and such attractive pets #PoCoLo

    1. thank you, even happier now child 4 and hubby are here

  4. I hope they are settling in well and don't mind the change in climate! #PoCoLo