Monday 27 April 2020

What I've done in my 4 weeks of lockdown - Gardening

I'm supposed to be going back to Dubai on Monday, but flights with Emirates are cancelled indefinitely. Part of my trip home was to organise a move from the villa to an apartment and finish sorting through our belongings to see what we were shipping in May back to the UK

My aim on this trip to the UK for 4 weeks was to visit family and finish the decorating in the house and order new carpets, ready for when the furniture arrives.

Well none of that happened, including the decorating, no point rushing it now and besides the weather has been excellent so I've been spending most of my time in the garden sorting it out.

When we got our house back after 9 years of tenants the garden looked like this

We had a lot of work completed in the house prior to me returning the end of January, but the outside had been neglected other than having all the waste removed left behind by the tenants.

The garden currently looks like this

I've had the windows and conservatory cleaned and gutters emptied, new fence panels, shrubs and trees dug up and removed, borders tided, path and patio reclaimed, garden levelled and reseeded, repairs made to the sheds and cleaned, compost bin emptied and a new one started, lawn mowed (well strimmed actually as I don't have a mower) seeds planted and bedding plants ordered from a local nursery.

Compost bin emptied

New compost bin started

Garden waste bin delivered from council and sorting through contents for composting, general waste and filling the bin for collection. 

Guttering and panels repaired

Peas and tomatoes planted out

New border dug

Paving slabs from lawn removed

New grass seed 

DIY plants pots from recycled tins and bedding plants in

I was working on the garden from Day 1 of lockdown for 4 weeks. I've also done a lot of crafting, letter writing and started on redecorating the house. I'll show you all that in another post next week.



  1. You have worked so hard in your garden and it looks amazing for it. It's nice to see things growing x

  2. Wow! That looks like a lot of hard work! Your garden is really beginning to shape up beautifully. It's a silver lining that you now have time to work on it during the shutdown. Keep us posted on how things are looking!

    1. thank you, it's lovely just to be able and sit and relax in it now

  3. You are amazing! I can't wait to begin the process here--but it's got to warm up a lot first!

    1. Thank you, it's got a little too warm to be doing any more work in it so I'm just sitting and relaxing

  4. You are such a capable woman. Quite inspirational in that way as well as how you look, how you are strong and brave. And yes I do mean it. #PoCoLo

  5. Progress!
    It's finally warming up in Quebec and we are looking forward to our patio garden.

  6. Wow, you have done a lot. Well done. I am working on our garden, but it is not quite there yet. #pocolo

    1. I've been making the most of the weather while I can

  7. The weather's been great - and you've made so much progress. Thanks for linking to #TheGardenYear

    1. I've really enjoyed the gardening, just normal maintenance from now on