Monday 24 August 2020

Eating out in Dubai

Disclaimer - This is a sponsored post.

As you can probably imagine there are a million and one places to eat in Dubai, from food halls to 7 star hotel restaurants. The choice is endless, with cuisine and restaurants from all over the world. 

There are afternoon teas, brunches, fine and casual dining as well as fast food restaurants, fish restaurants on the beach to shawarma stands and endless food deliveries.

A typical dessert display at a Brunch.

Afternoon Birthday Tea in the Burj Al Arab.

I've lived here with my husband for 5 years and we spend more time deciding where to eat than we actually do eating. 

Peter and I have different food preferences and since I can no longer eat wheat, deciding where to eat is getting harder. We tend to prefer brunches but with the current situation of social distancing with the virus, brunches aren't a viable option for us at the moment, we have had a couple of food hall meals and have been looking for somewhere to eat out, before I return to the UK in 2 weeks.

In the past we've purchased apps that offer 2 for 1 deals on eating out, but I often find there are no links to the website and often phone numbers aren't answered as well as offers being withdrawn.

We have had a few meals where the party vibe has been too much, with dancing on tables to places with no atmosphere at all, both of which can really impact on your dining experience.

Another requirement of ours when selecting a venue to eat out, other than range of food, an alcohol licence and price is the location and the views. 

Restaurant Views

I was asked to review Dubai restaurants and I'm pleased to say I was able to successfully find a restaurant that suited our requirements with minimal effort.

The website allows me to narrow down my choices on where to dine based on my current location, from a food truck on the beach to a nearby cafĂ© which I find particularly useful when we’ve been out for a day or have visitors.

On the website I was able to select my preferred price range which is handy is you're on a budget. Another good feature is selecting the type of food you want to eat and the type of restaurant, so you know if it's fine dining or casual. 

Next you can select if you're looking for a brunch, breakfast, lunch or dinner and find select the ambience from relaxed to party vibes. 

If you're looking to celebrate a special birthday or occasion you can request this also and the website will show you which type of restaurant will suit your planned visit.

I could also make a reservation and check out the website for menu choices and there are active telephone numbers I could call to check on dietary requirements. 

I'll let you know where we chose to eat out, the menu choice we made and the views in an instagram post.

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