Sunday 11 April 2021

A random walk over the Malvern Hills

I went out in the week to post a parcel.

I ended up The Beacon.

When most people visit Malvern to walk the Hills they pull up in the car park, in most cases near the top or at least half way up.

I start my walks from my front door at the base of the North Hill (far end of the picture) 79ms and walk to the top of The Beacon at 425ms.

I went on a whim, although I did have suitable footwear and clothing on for walking off the tarmac track. The weather was perfect, not so much today as I head off to British Camp after last nights snow and I'll be starting my walk, halfway up from the car park.


  1. What a gorgeous place to hike!

  2. What a gorgeous place for a walk. The view looks amazing. x

  3. Wow what a stunning view. It looks the ideal day to go for a walk

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  4. That sounds knackering, but how lovely to have that on your doorstep! We are hoping to get to the Malverns again in the next few weeks.

    1. apart from the family, there's no real need to ever leave malvern