Friday 23 April 2021

23rd-25th April 2021 Post Comment Love - Preparing to return to the UK

Welcome back to this weeks #PoCoLo with Stephanie and I with our weekly linky where we ask you to POST anything written this week, COMMENT on the hosts posts and one other and LOVE share the hashtag #pocolo and we 'll share your post on twitter.

I'm sure you've noticed I've not been commenting recently, sorry about that, I am in the process of catching up over the past 3 weeks. I'm back in Dubai with my husband of almost 20 years. We've spent the past year living apart and 10 years living abroad. In 2 months time our expat journey comes to an end and it sure is stressful trying to deal with everything. We're not just moving, we're packing up our whole lives again and moving into the relative unknown, even if it's back into our former family home in the West Midlands. We're also trying to soirt this during Ramadan when the UAE does slow down, but hopefully we'll have all the quotes in places before Eid in the middle of May, ready to ship out the end of may.

But before we start all the work, we took a break in Ras Al Khaimah, a state within the UAE, about an hours drive north up the sea front. 

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