Friday 28 January 2022

Post Comment Love 28th-30th January 2022

Welcome back to #PoCoLo with Stephanie from Lifeat139a and I. Sorry for the delay with commenting and sharing, hopefully I'll have caught up by the the time this post goes live.

The kitchen is still being installed, so we have a temporary kitchen in the conservatory, the new kitchen in the lounge and the rest of the kitchen plus a table and a sofa in the dining room.

It sounds chaotic but it's working, but I will be glad once it's all over and everything can go back into its rightful place. I'm fed up of washing up in the bath.

I'm spending most of my time on the top floor in my craft room, amending curtains, making cards and generally keeping myself out the way during the day.


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  1. It sounds very chaotic to have parts of your house under renovation! But totally worth it in the end. I hope it is finished quickly so you can get back into your kitchen!


  2. Suzanne, living with a kitchen remodel is really tough. Did it once, but don't think I could ever do it again! Looking forward to seeing photos of the new kitchen. Hope you'll show Before - During - After photos. Thank you for hosting.