Monday 20 March 2023

Week 11 2023 Project 365 and One Daily Positive

Before we left the UK in January 2011 we closed down several bank accounts, credit cards and paid off phone contracts etc. Randomly we keep getting letters about outstanding balances, always around £5, that we either owe them or they owe us. 

Peter has spent the week in the garden digging down to lay the new patio, thankfully he is now working under cover, but it is hard work. 

We've been binge watching The Gold and Twelve on player and thoroughly enjoyed both programmes. 

71 Sunday After a late night I slept in till 8.30am. then over breakfast and several cups of tea friend and I resumed comedic escapades to one another that have occurred since our last get together. Her's includes getting an Alsatian puppy that howls and likes to run off with your sock while your foot is still inside it. Into town to meet up with another friend for Sunday lunch, home by 4pm and chilled out.


72 Monday I got a lift home from work, then Peter dropped me and Bob in town, I went for a coffee and walked home over the common. Had dinner, a bath and watched the soaps and in bed by 9.30pm. I've lost some paperwork, its for a council tax refund and I've filled in my bank details, there's also a 'to do' list and a short story I wrote for my grandchildren. I've looked EVERYWHERE.

73 Tuesday Woke feeling under the weather, sore throat and aching all over, struggled through work. Late afternoon spent with the neighbour.

Dressing up fun.

74 Wednesday Strike day. My student was in as they are in 6th form. I had to sit an  invigilators test online. In the evening I volunteered at the local youth club.

I made a macramé key chain at the Youth Club.

75 Thursday Strike day, but I wasn't in school, not feeling too well. I spent most of the day in bed, but did change the sheets and did some washing. 

Gorgeous flowers from child 4 and family.

76 Friday No work again, throat still sore. Chips and wine (I drink tea) night is back on after 3 weeks. Friend was amazed to see the new extension, last time they were here, we still had the conservatory up. Most of the day spent in bed, I'm so tired all the time.

77 Saturday Collected child 1 from Gloucester on our way to Bristol to visit MIL for Mothers Day. We visited a local retail park for coffee and cake and some shopping. Home by 6pm, TV and bed.

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  1. It sounds like you had a lovely time with your friend.
    hehehe! Your neighbours child is just adorable dressed up. x

    1. The neighbours children are such sweethearts and make me chuckle

  2. Love that dressing up style! So cute. Hope you're feeling better now. Glad you got in some time with friends and family.

    1. it's always great to spend time with family and friends

  3. Hope you manage to find your paperwork – it’s frustrating when things like that seem to disappear. I love the dressing up – what an adorable little knight. Sorry to hear you were feeling unwell and tired by the end of the week. Hope you are feeling better now. #project365

    1. Paperwork found and dealt with, it was hiding in plain sight

  4. I used to do macrame, really should start it again as I loved making things. Hope you manage to get the outstanding bills sorted, I have just got a tax letter from 2020 saying I owe them money - not impressed as was emergency taxed for months

    1. sorry to hear about your tax, yep all bills sorted now

  5. Cute dress up! Sounds annoying about the bank accounts, hope it gets sorted once and for all. #project365