Sunday, 12 March 2023

Week 10 2023 Project 365 and One Daily Positive

Lots of coffee shop visits, dog walks and time with friends. The double yellow lines have been painted. We still having one parking space outside our house, but there's a battle in the mornings with parents and staff. At the moment, we're parking there over night to save a space for various builders vans, skips etc.

The snow this week looks beautiful, not really settling, but the extra water in the back garden has turned it into a quagmire and Bob isn't liking all the paw cleaning when he comes in.

64 Sunday Off to the coffee shop with Bob, we were out for two hours, home to read while Peter made dinner then I spent the afternoon and early evening in my craft room and Peter went to the pub to watch the football. Day ended with a hot bath and an early night. Head hurting.

65 Monday Managed to get to midday before I had to come home and sleep for the rest of the day.

66 Tuesday Off to the post office after work and stopped for a coffee and read. Peter met me after work with Bob and we walked home via a coffee stop. In the evening I argued with the over locker and lost.

67 Wednesday Woke to snow, it wasn't settling, but it looks so pretty. I can't see the Malvern Hills at the moment due to the snow, I'll try and grab a photo if I can. Popped round to the neighbours and finally won the battle with the over locker. We sorted some finances out and spent hours on the phone to banks, tax office etc.

Look at the state of our garden! The 2 sheds on the left will be coming down soon.

68 Thursday Awake at 5am, snowing quite heavily, took Bob out for an hours walk in the fresh snow. Left early for work to ensure I got in on time, arrived to discover school closed and message had been sent while I was on route. Moved the furniture in the dining room to the other side to allow access for new build, had hospital appointment mid afternoon, raining by then. Evening spent in my craft room shouting at the over locker.

69 Friday Home from work and straight out with Bob and we walked home via a coffee stop. Builders have finished, tidied up and left site, payment made. I finished my easter gifts ready for delivery tomorrow.

We've got to wait for the floor and plaster to dry before we can use the room and need to relay the patio.

70 Saturday Early morning visit to mums with her Mothers Day gift then onto Grandchild then friends, before arriving in Monmouth where I'm staying the night.

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  1. The extension looks really good, bet it's nice to have building work finished. Hope the head's improved. We had similar amount of snow, although twice last week.

    1. Just all the hard work left to be able to use it fully

  2. Hooray for the double yellow lines, let the parents and staff battle it out. I asked next door but one to move their car from outside of ours today so the builders could get their van in. lol
    It looks like the builders have been working hard. The extension looks fantastic.
    Oh no! That's rotten you got to school and it was closed. Our school didn't sent the message out to say it was closed until 8:10 and parents were complaining saying it was too late. Eek! x

    1. As long as they don't block my drive. The building team were amazing

  3. Glad you finally won the battle with the overlocker although it sounds like might have been a temporary victory. It’s a long time since I last used mine. The extension looks good. Bob doesn’t look too sure about being out in the snow. #project365

    1. It was bad thread that was the problem, I'm on a run with it now. Dog really didn't like the cold at all

  4. The extension looks really good, bet you can't wait to start using it. Not sure Bob looks to happy about the snow

    1. Thank you, I'm over excited to start using the new room, but it needs painting and tiling first