Thursday 2 March 2023

What I wore for World Book Day

I work in a secondary school supporting a student in 6th form. The English department have encouraged us to join in and dress up as our favourite book character. 

Can you guess who mine is?

Denim skirt - Primark

Top - Splash

Shoes - Converse

Socks - Amazon

Monkey (borrowed from next doors 3 year old)

Wig - Amazon

Last time I was working in a school was infants in Dubai and I dressed as Mary Poppins.

Prior to that I've made numerous costumes for my kids when they were in primary school.

Do you join in with World Book Day or as a parent to you hate the hassle? cost?


  1. Ha - love it - and that's a name/character I haven't heard in a while. It came to mind as I was reading your post and @fancyingfrance confirmed it! #PoCoLo