Saturday 4 March 2023

Week 9 One Daily Positive and Project 365

My pain levels from nerve damage in my neck were heightened this week and my wrists were not only extremely painful but I struggled to hold a pen, type, lift a tea cup. I had the start of a migraine towards the weekend, so far I've managed to hold it back with meds.

57 Sunday Up early and dog walked to the retail park, Peter joined me for coffee then we did a food shop. Afternoon spent in my craft room making and writing birthday cards, evening in front of the TV.

58 Monday Back in work, a calm day. Home to cook a roast dinner, popped next door to borrow a monkey and evening spent on the bed watching TV.

59 Tuesday Quiet day in work, home to do some more sewing, popped round to the neighbours, then off to the Theatre with work to see 'Home, I'm Darling'.

60 Wednesday Into work late to make up for last night. Strike day, but years 11-13 were in school. I tidied the book shelf, did one to one tutoring and attended an Ethics class to take notes for my student who was off today. In the evening I volunteered at the local youth club and home to watch TV and blog. Last day of the builders for the week as they wait for the concrete floor to set.

61 Thursday Dressed as Pippi Longstocking for World Book Day. Peter brought Bob to me after work and I walked to the retail park for coffee, Peter joined us after a food shop and Bob stole the bananas out the shopping bag on the way home.

62 Friday Home from work at 3pm, we walked the dog and picked up fish and chips on the way home. Watched Tv and in bed asleep by 9.30am.

63 Saturday Woke at 9am, popped into Worcester for a ramble round the shops. I tried and failed with the over locker and gave up on it. Afternoon spent on laptop and evening in front of the TV. I took some photos for a blog post.

On the blog this week:

What I wore - World Book Day

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  1. So sorry that you’ve been struggling with pain this week. Hope you feel better soon. Love the Pippi Longstockings costume. #project365

  2. So sorry you have been in pain, I am glad you've managed to hold the migraine off so far.
    It looks like the builders have been working hard.
    I love your costume for World Book Day! x

  3. Sorry to hear your pain has been heightened this week. Hope you are ok now. Love the world book day outfit!

  4. Love the Pippi Longstocking hair. Lots of fun. Hope the pain's eased a bit now.

  5. I hope you are feeling a bit better now. Your costume for book day is fun and cute, I love it!

    I looked on your blog and saw that the work is about 2 weeks in. I recently shared on my blog a renovation of our kitchen and said that the quote we had for a similar size extension was of 2 weeks from start to finish, this is why we didn't go ahead with it, as it seemed so unrealistic. Now I'm so happy we didn't do it, in our case it would have been too much of a disruption.

    1. I can't believe the extension was completed in under 3 weeks

  6. I used to love Pippi Longstocking, that has brought back some memories. Sebby doesn't like dressing up, so ended up going as a pokemon trainer!!

  7. Love your costume, I dread World Book Day every year. Great progress on the extension. #project365