Sunday 26 March 2023

Week 12 One Daily Positive and Project 365 2023.

Disappointed that for the 3rd year running the staff at child 1s care home haven't bothered with me for Mothers Day or my birthday and Christmas has been just a tin of biscuits. I rarely get a card. They go all out for Peter though. I guess being her step mum for 24 years counts for nothing in their eyes.

I decided to rearrange the loft rooms. They are full sized rooms we converted when we had 5 kids living at home. I was using the larger room for my crafting, but the smaller room was so full that I was finding it difficult to sort through what we had, so I've swopped the use of the rooms around and can now access suitcases, Christmas decorations and camping gear with ease and I've enough room, with a table to use, to finish sorting through my dads stamps and go through all the kids stuff and things left over from the kitchen. My new crafting room is also better organised and I can access everything with ease.

I've had an issue with a teacher at work who has taken great offence and has insinuated that I lack training and knowledge to be in a 6th form lesson, it's all resolved now but the audacity of the woman to corner me was unfair. I haven't taken offence, she has no idea about my background and experiences and I have nothing to prove to her or to the senior staff who have backed me.

78 Sunday Early morning walk with Bob to the coffee shop, a food shop, then home to do some sewing, put several loads of washing on, bath the dog, iron, bake some cakes and watch TV. Phone call with child 3 in Australia to plan our trip there this summer.

The hills are such a fantastic backdrop

79 Monday Home from work, popped to the supermarket to get tea, afternoon and evening spent in front of the TV, bath and bed by 9pm.


80 Tuesday Home from work and afternoon/evening spent in the loft rooms, swopping the storage room and my craft room round. I've moved my craft/sewing etc into the smaller room so I can actually use the larger room to sort through things and have space to store all my material and sewing machines.

Can't wait till we can actually use this room.

81 Wednesday Peter brought Bob to work at 3pm, then went home. Bob and I walked into town, had a coffee then home. More time spent rearranging the loft.

Post box George VII

82 Thursday School in the morning and after lunch we had a UCAS meeting. Home at the normal time, spent the evening finishing off the loft rooms.

Blue skies

83 Friday Work and home, time spent in craft room and house tidied in preparation of chips and wine with friend in the evening.

Rainbow outside work

84 Saturday Popped into Ross-on-Wye for a wander and a coffee. Peter continued in the garden in the afternoon with the patio he's been working on all week. I watched some TV, walked the dog and wrote some letters.

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  1. That is so unfair that the care home don't bother with you for Mother's Day. Being a step mum should count!
    What a beautiful photo of the hills, they do make a good backdrop.
    I had that Twitter thing a few weeks ago, it is odd and a bit unfair you now have to pay for basic security. x

    1. The main careers don't really like me as I challenge them in the best interests of our daughter

  2. Sorry you've had the hassle at work. Hopefully it's sorted out now. Sounds like you've had a week with a lot of sorting things out.

    1. we'll find out about work when I go back in this week

  3. It is such a shame that the care home don't bother with you for Mother's Day, does her biological mum visit her (not that it should make a difference)? Sorry to hear you have had troubles at work, I hate it when people stick their noses where they shouldn't go

    1. yes she does but it's sporadic and usually just to try and annoy us

  4. Sorry to hear that you have been overlooked by the care home in this way. Step parents can be just as or more involved than 'real' parents so this should be taken into account. Sorry to hear that you have had issue with a colleague: I am having the same with someone accusing me of things and expecting an apology yet doing the very same things to me and not saying sorry (to the extent that I have decided to leave at the end of this academic year) #project365

    1. I'm so sorry to hear that a colleague is forcing you to give up your job, hope you find something else you love even more

  5. So sorry that Child 1’s care home don’t make more of an effort for you – I can imagine that must feel hurtful as well as disappointing. Sounds like rearranging the loft rooms has been helpful with being able to access things more easily. Lovely to have some blue skies and rainbows are always lovely to see. #project365

    1. Rearranging the loft rooms was easier than I thought and I'm getting on with so much more now