Monday 13 November 2023

Our Autumn Garden - 2023

Peter has been doing a lot of work in the garden with laying a new patio and ordering and replacing all the gravel around the house. The lawn has been levelled and re seeded and I've been helping out with tip runs and potting up plants, seeds and generally tidying up around him. There is still lots to do, but it'll be waiting now for the warmer weather.

Garden tools cleaned and put away in our new shed, we bought at the Three Counties Show in September.

New shed and side of house tidied.

Fig and Rhubarb covered for winter.

Bay tree covered for winter.

Gravel added around shed and weeded behind and now storing most of the bricks left over from the building work to build a raised bed with.

Herbs and new plants.

Autumn reef up. I'm off to a Christmas Reef making evening soon.

Peas, beans, cauliflower and sweet peas sown for spring.

Herbs brought inside for winter and basil planted.

Surprise strawberries.

Bobs memorial garden pot planted.

Table and chairs rearranged to make more room for the washing to dry.

Bougainvillea brought inside to protect for winter.

The two sheds on the left waiting to be dismantled.

The neighbours garden is higher than ours, level with the top of the concrete slab at the base of the fence. Drainage problems are an issue since we had building work done, but we can rectify with proper drainage and levelling off the ground to the right.

New gravel down and some tidying and soil shifting needs to be done.

Compost bin full.

Raspberry crop seems to be going on forever.

We're planning to remove the two sheds over winter when we get drier days. It's much easier to work in the garden now the patio and gravel is sorted and we have full access round both sides of the house.

I'm pleased with how my egg pod fits under the new canopy, I love being outside and can now enjoy winter mornings with a cuppa without getting wet.


  1. Oh wow! Peter has been busy in the garden. The new shed looks fantastic and I love your summer house. x

  2. Very impressive gardening. Am about to do a wee garden of pots, as I have very little room

  3. Highly organised - I'm impressed! I like the egg chair but I love Bob's pot most of all 😥🥰

    1. fingers crossed Bobs pots gives us a nice display