Monday 20 November 2023

Week 46 One Daily Positive and Project 365

A much quieter week apart from Monday and Tuesday evening, mainly spent at home, in pjs, pottering around. My head pain and random shooting pains and eye discomfort is ongoing, it's really getting me down. It's easy for people to say 'just rest' but I can't. I'd have done nothing for 3 weeks, but stay in bed and that in itself isn't healthy.

I've heard news this week that troubles me but I can't do anything about, I just have to trust the involved authorities are monitoring the situation as they should.

New meds have wiped me out. Other side effects which are common are that fizzy drinks taste flat, no real harm there.

317 Sunday We walked to the retail park for breakfast and coffee and some shopping, home to a roast dinner and afternoon spent in front of the TV. Grandchild asked for a bath before going home and they left at 7pm. I had a bath and was in bed and asleep by 9pm. My whole body aches from all the walking on the weekend.

318 Monday Peter dropped me at work and collected me and we went to Kidderminster to test drive a camper van. Home for dinner, bath and bed.

319 Tuesday Awake at 5.30am sat and did some blogging. Lift to work and walked into town afterwards for coffee and onto youth club where I volunteer once a fortnight. Peter picked me up at 7pm, I had tea, bath, watched TV and bed by 9pm.

320 Wednesday I slept till the alarm. Picked a colleague up for work and drove home via the retail park to collect Peter who had walked to do some shopping, we had a coffee and read our books. More reading back home while Peter cooked dinner, I did some blogging whilst watching my soaps, bath and bed by 9.30pm.

I love being able to sit outside, all year round and our new extension with canopy allows me to do that.

321 Thursday I had the car again for walk and called in at the retail park on the way home to pick up grandchild and DILs Christmas gifts and my new migraine medication, book finished, TV watched, bath and bed.

322 Friday Lift to work and home. Peter went to visit his mum in Keynsham, by the time he got home, I'd rearranged the dining room.

323 Saturday Went to Gloucester to visit Child 1 and buy new curtains for the extension. Disappointed with the quality so they'll be going back on Monday. Dining room rearranged and cat pole moved to make space for the Bougainvillea that's spending winter indoors.

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  1. So sorry you are still feeling unwell. Resting is great but I know if I rest too much I feel worse for it.
    Ohh! The camper van! It looks very nice.
    How lovely that you can sit outside all year round. x

    1. I';ve plenty of time to rest when I'm at home in the evenings

  2. Sorry to hear you are unwell, I really wish they could find some answers for you. #project365

  3. Love that last picture of your cat. Doesn't look best impressed! Hope the new meds do some good. Campervan is exciting. My line manager got one at the end of the pandemic and they love it.

  4. So sorry to hear that you are still getting shooting pains. I hope they get to the bottom if it - must be a nightmare for you. Ohh I like the look of the campervan

  5. So sorry that the head pain and eye discomfort is ongoing. Hope that it gets better soon. The camper van looks good. How lovely that your extension means you can still sit outside under the canopy. Sounds like you’ve been busy in the house. Shame that the quality of the curtains was disappointing though. #project365

    1. curtains fixed easily with an exchange. It's great being able to sit outside more often this winter