Tuesday 21 November 2023

Christmas Lights in London and the Big Syn International Film Festival

I was down in London earlier this month for The Big Syn International Film Festival on behalf of my friend in South Africa, who was unable to travel. It was a Black Tie event, although I did feel a little over dressed, but comfortable, compared to others, but who cares. the award ceremony was at the Curzon Cinema in Mayfair and I stayed in Covent Garden, just 2 stops away on the tube. After the awards I set off on foot for Oxford Street to see the Christmas Lights, walking down Regent Street, through Leicester Square and back to Covent Gardens.

Deborah Meadow was one of the judges.

I left the event in heels, but soon changed into my flats.

I carried my heels around London.

Covent Garden.

Oxford Street.



Leicester Square.

Regent Street.


Carnaby Street.


Even Paddington Station felt Christmassy with the lighting.

I wish I'd had more time in London or we lived closer as I'd love to go back to visit the markets and the ice skating rinks. We've got a couple of Christmas events in Malvern and Worcester we're planning to attend.

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