Monday 27 November 2023

Week 47 One Daily Positive and Project 365 A new adventure

A short week in work with a trip on Monday and an inset day on Friday. We also bought a camper van on Wednesday we've called Bobster. A new adventure for us to embark on. We'd already booked a hotel for this weekend and we're supposed to be dropping mum off with her sister on Friday and collecting her next week, but her sister had a fall and broke her hip so it was just the weekend, so we booked mum into a hotel near us and spent almost 72 in the van driving down to Sussex and running around between Eastbourne where we were staying, Seaford where tow of her brothers live and Hastings to the hospital. 

With all the driving which we shared, I managed to finish writing my Christmas cards and read more of my book.

On arrival at our hotel we had to step over a drunk woman in reception, she was paralytic, it was 9pm her male and female companions, hadn't beeb drinking and were really struggling with her, she was almost out cold. On Saturday night we took a walk on the pier, it was 6pm, a woman was so drunk she had wet herself, her two friends were drunk also and the 3 off them were dragging themselves along. It was such a sad sight to see.

324 Sunday 2 years after getting our furniture back in the UK, we finally got round to hanging all our mirrors and putting up the last curtain pole and sorting pictures to hang. Whilst Peter did that, I emptied the car and sorted out what we will need to go in the camper van. Evening spent in the bath and watching TV.

325 Monday Train into Worcester for the day to the Cathedral for a Philosophy lecture with Peter Vardy, it was a really good day. Peter met me at The Range so I could exchange the curtains, home, transferred the money for the camper van, sorted the insurance, watched TV, blogged, had dinner, bath and bed. Peter did the ironing while watching the football. 

326 Tuesday Took the car to work. Home to finish blog comments and write Christmas cards, watched TV, read, bath and bed.

327 Wednesday Vitamin B12 jab before work. After work we collected our new camper van, home, got changed and off to Paint a pot with colleagues from work for the evening. Had a fab evening. I chose a jug for the van. Home for a bath and straight to bed.

328 Thursday Peter collected mum during the day and after work took mum for to her optician appointment before picking me up. We had coffee and then home to pack the camper van ready for our first trip this weekend. I finally sat down at 10.30pm after a bath, then it was time for bed.

I was showing mum pictures of her latest great Granddaughter and she wanted to send a picture back.

329 Friday Up and off for our first road trip in the camper van. We had already booked a hotel for the weekend so a good first trip for us, stopped at the services to use the loo and brewed up in the van. Took mum to visit one of her brothers. We checked into our hotels 9 mins walk apart and off to hospital in Hastings to visit her sister for the evening. Peter and I found a local pub to have dinner, then collected mum and back to Eastbourne. 

330 Saturday Up for breakfast then dropped mum at her other brothers and we explored the coast around Seaford, walking along the cliffs at Birling Gap and the Seven Sisters. Collected mum, stopped to get some food for lunch and dinner and dropped her back at the hospital. We made our way back to Eastbourne, walked along the pier and around the town to see the lights. My cousin and his wife dropped mum back at her hotel and I walked down to meet them to say hello.

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  1. That is fab news about the camper van, I can't wait to hear about your adventures in it.
    Worcester Cathedral really is beautiful. What a lovely photo of you and your mum. x

    1. thank you, can't wait to get out and about in it

  2. I love the stunnng architecture in cathedrals. Glad to hear you have bought a campervan and love the name. #project365

    1. I love old buildings, astounds me how they built them so long ago

  3. So exciting about the campervan. So many opportunities for getting around place to see, especially when you've got family around to visit. The cathedral looks gorgeous.

  4. I like your name for your new camper van – a lovely way to remember Bob. Love that photo of Worcester Cathedral and the photo of you and Peter at the end. Sounds like you had a good first trip out in the camper van. #project365

    1. it's certainly a lot of fun having the camper van and getting out further a field