Sunday 5 November 2023

Week 44 One daily Positive and Project 365. 2023 Northern Ireland

We spent half the week in Northern Ireland with our grandson for his 2nd birthday, to drop off Christmas, go trick or treating and visit the parent in laws as well us our son (child 4) and his wife and their dog Molly. We're staying with our son and family and generally causing chaos with toys and pumpkin carving and celebrating his birthday a week early.

303 Sunday We celebrated grandsons 2nd birthday a week early with a Toot Toot garage that is now dominating the lounge, Peter had restored a wooden swing a friend gave us a few years ago for our eldest grandchild and I bought a new swing seat for it, grandson loves the swings, even though it's a tad wet, he's still been out in it.
We went out for Sunday lunch with the parent in laws and they all went on to watch the rugby with Peter and I taking grandson home. We went to the park, did some colouring, he ate all his tea and pudding and played with his new toys. He went to bed and fell straight asleep before mum and dad got home.

304 Monday Into Belfast for the day to do some Christmas shopping. Dropped off Christmas gifts with parent in laws. Son and wife came to collect grandson from his Nannies where he'd been for the day, had dinner and home to watch the TV. 

Bob's bed is supposed to be just for Molly.

305 Tuesday Morning spent cleaning and tidying (we're on holiday) then off into Lisburn for coffee and Christmas shopping. Home to carve a pumpkin and take grandson out for trick or treat, he loved it, thumped on doors, spread his bat wings in his costume and put his sweets in a bag, then ran to the next house. They go all out here with decorations, got plenty of ideas for next year.

306 Wednesday Did some cleaning then visited a retail park for coffee and buy tea. I'm fundraising for Birminghams Children's Hospital to support a student at the school I work at. Called in at the parent in laws to say bye.  Peter cooked dinner and I did some ironing. Put grandson to bed then off to the port for the over night ferry home.

307 Thursday Ferry docked at 6.30am and we had a 3 hour drive home with a coffee stop. We stopped to test drive a camper van in Kidderminster on our way home. Unpacked the car, stuck the washing on and just chilled out, after another 3 mile walk.

308 Friday A day of nothing other than trying on clothes for an event in London next week and my 3 mile walk in the afternoon when I went to the Death Cafe. Evening spent watching TV and reading.

309 Saturday Walked to get my nails done at midday, had coffee and did some shopping. Peter collected me. We hung curtains in the extension so it'll be warmer during winter and I read, watched TV and took my rescue meds for my migraine that never fully went away.

I'm going to turn this tree stump into a fairy garden.

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  1. Aww! Happy birthday to your grandson.
    It sounds like you all had a lovely day. Halloween sounds like fun.

  2. Sounds like you had a lovely visit over with your grandson and family. Nice to be there to enjoy birthday and halloween with them. Ooh, campervan's are so exciting. I think I'd be too wary to drive one

  3. Happy birthday to your grandson.

    The mushroom looks lovely and the camper van is great. We have a caravan and it is great for long(er) trips, it's so handy and cosy too.

    1. we shall have the camper tomorrow and our first trip is this weekend

  4. Happy 2nd birthday to your grandson. He looks very happy with his Toot Toot garage. My girls used to love the Toot Toot toys but they do take up a lot of room! Love the photo of your grandson cosying up with Molly in Bob’s bed. I like the idea of turning the tree stump into a fairy garden. Sorry to hear that your migraine is still lingering – hope it goes soon. #project365

    1. Grandson really loves the toot toot garage and sussed out how it all works really quickly

  5. Hope your grandsn had a lovely birthday. It looks like a good trip to NI. I quite want a camper van but not sure we have enough money right now or anywhere to keep it! #project365

    1. the trip to NI was great, but as always just too short

  6. Happy 2nd birthday! I want to get the toot toot things for Minu but just lack the space! Oh cant wait to see the fairy garden!