Monday 22 April 2024

Our Spring Garden and plans for the Summer 2024

It's been over two years since we had the new shed on the far right of the photo. We kept the old sheds to store stuff in while we had the kitchen fitted (finished 2 years ago) and the extension finished (1 year ago) and bought a new smaller shed to sit round the side of the house to store the lawn mower in (6 months ago) and in April 2024 we finally got round to taking the larger of the 2 sheds down. There have been numerous trips to the skip with the old wood.

Both sheds have stood for over 20 years, with the larger one under going some repairs mid 2020, but it is time for them to go and for us to remodel the garden. 

The shed base was in perfect condition so now serves as our new patio area.

The smaller shed will be taken down in the next week or two, once I've rehomed golf clubs and and garden tools. Then we will be constructing some raised beds in the area.

Once the smaller shed has gone, the garden will really open up, we have a large sun umbrella we brought back with us from South Africa to put up and provide shade from the sun that's pretty much all day round in this spot from April through to October.

The plants in the garden have faired well over winter and the frost covers are now off.
Raspberries and bluebells.


It would appear I've been protecting some weeds over the winter.

Bobs memorial pot with Forget me knots from a friend and the vets.

There are a couple of areas in the garden where water has been pooling due to us holding back piles of dirt  (which we'll be using in the raised beds) after the building work, which Peter has addressed by finishing the patio.

I've weeded the front garden, removed a dead spiky shrub from by the bins and planted some wild flower seeds in the borders. It'll be a while before we make any changes out here.

This has all been cut back and is in full sun most of the day (when it does come out) so the green house and herb bins which also grow potatoes and chard will stay here.

The spring/summer wreath is up now until Halloween.

The side gates are going to be replaced with wooden ones with key pads for extra privacy and security.

It's nice to see patches of bare soil now the weeds are gone.

There's a lot more work to be done in terms of building (raised beds) a compost bin and cold frame to be built and I would like to invest in a proper green house at some point. We'll be off to the Three Counties Showground in May for a good look round. We bought all the sheds from there over the years, found the builders for the extension and even bought the Camper Van from there last year.

I'm hoping by the summer of 2024 all we are doing is mowing the lawn, watering the plants and just sitting in the garden enjoying it with the odd BBQ.


  1. oh it's all really going well, it must have been hard work getting rid of a shed. I'd love to change mine for a summer house but I'd have to pay someone to do the work, and it's a proper man shed at the moment filled with all my ex's junk. I adore your summer wreath. I really need some help with my garden.

    1. I wish we could have had some help with the garden, it's not doing my back any good at all

  2. Suzanne, that's a load of work done! By the time summer arrives, you will have earned the right to sit in the garden just enjoying it with the odd BBQ! Thank you for hosting #pocolo.