Monday 22 April 2024

2024 Week 16 One Daily Positive, Project 365 and A Selfie a Day


106  Monday I woke at 3.30am with a migraine, I took meds but didn't get back to sleep. I took more meds before going to work and almost fell asleep by the end of the day. A quick trip into town, grabbed a coffee and picked up a birthday gift, home for an hours nap, dinner, TV, blogging, bath and an early night.

107  Tuesday The day didn't start well getting yelled at by a parent. I'd done nothing wrong and was backed up by other staff so no harm done, but still not nice. Home and back out to shops, met a colleague for coffee was out for nearly 2 hours, got home and Peter said 'what happened?' I replied 'Sarah' Evening spent watching Michael Portillo's train journeys around Australia pointing out all the sites in The Blue Mountains Peter missed due to the heavy fog when he visited last year that I'd seen in 2019.

108  Wednesday Lift to work and back, afternoon and  evening spent reading, blogging and TV. I did my packing and got my outfit ready for my interview on Friday.

109  Thursday Peter visited his mum in Keynsham and collected my mum on his way home as we're taking my mum to Brighton on the weekend. I got a lift home and spent the afternoon sorting out the garden furniture on the new patio. Evening spent watching the TV and blogging, bath and bed.

110  Friday No work today. I had a job interview as deputy Safeguarding Lead and Pastoral Officer at a secondary school in Worcester. Home and set off to Brighton. We spent our first night in the camper van on my cousins drive as it was too late for a camp site. I didn't get the job, I suspect it was an inside job. Not too disappointed as it was an additional 7 hours a week, plus 10 hours travel time and train fare costs, so all in all not that much of a pay increase anyway.

111  Saturday Packed up and said our goodbyes and headed east along the coast to our camp site for the night. Arrived at 2pm, took us 30 mins to set up and we headed for a walk along the beach. I found a sharks tooth. We ate at the club house, had a shower, watched some TV on the iPad and settled in for the night.

112  Sunday Peter was cold and restless so neither of us got much sleep. Camp site was quiet though. Had breakfast, took 30 mins to pack up and we headed to visit some English Heritage Sites. in Winchester as we parked an elderly lady fell over and face palmed the gravel, I propped her up and tended to her facial injuries. It was a 3 hour wait for an ambulance. As her husband had the car and they live 45 mins away with the hospital on route, we decided they'd be better taking themselves to A&E, we helped her to her feet, she was able to walk to the car. She was fully conscious and they were very sensible and she was coherent so we were happy with our decision. We then walked around the city and stopped in Hungerford at a lovely country pub for a Sunday lunch, getting home at 6pm. I drove back while Peter watched Man Utd game on the iPad. Unpacked, washing on, bath and bed.

Books read this week: Lee Child - The Midnight Line

Words written towards book: 0 I'm disappointed with myself this week, although I did write several letters and some postcards.

Clothes bought: 0

On the blog this week: Learning new skills - Art

Things that made me happy this week:

Patio finished, reading, coffees, sunny evenings, camping trip, finding a sharks tooth on the beach.

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  1. Ugh! The migraine doesn't sound like a good start to the week.
    That is a shame about the job but when you take into account the traveling time and cost it doesn't seem worth it.
    It sounds like you are having some great adventures in the van. x

    1. we've had two fab weekends away now in the van

  2. Sorry to hear you got shouted at by a parent and that you didn't get the job. But does sound like it would have been a headache with the extra travel etc.

    1. I'm a little disappointed by I'm sure it's for the best in the long run

  3. I am very impressed that you have managed to continue with a selfie a day. I am struggling to take one photo LOL

    1. I have to take the photo quick or hubby won't play game

  4. How horrible to be yelled at by a parent. Glad you had the support of the other staff. Hope you are okay. Sorry that you didn’t get the job. That poor lady face-palming the gravel. Hope she didn’t have too long a wait once she got to the hospital. Looks like you and Peter had a lovely camping trip. #project365

    1. Reading your comments makes me realise that was quite a tricky week