Sunday 7 April 2024

2024 Week 14 One Daily Positive, Project 365 and A Selfie a Day


92  Monday Whilst son and Dil cleaned and packed up the caravan, Peter and I took grandson and the dogs for a coffee and a walk along the sand dunes and the beach before spending some time in the park. I helped out with cleaning the fridge and the bathroom and Peter entertained grandson in the van. We drove the 90mins back to theirs to unpack their car, put the washing on and enjoy our last bit of time with them before we went to the in laws for dinner and hear all about their 3 week cruise they'd just returned from. They cooked dinner, son, Dil and grandson left, we stayed for another drink then said our goodbyes and drove to the ferry. I went straight to the cabin for a shower and bed, while Peter diverted via the bar.

93  Tuesday Ferry docked at 6.15am, we were off, on the road and at the services for coffee within an hour. Home by 10.30am to be greeted by a very angry cat, whose 15th birthday was celebrated. So tired I did cry, every bone and muscle in my body ached, I couldn't grip anything and my eyes hurt as well as feeling sick all day. I managed to unpack, did some washing with help from Peter, watched a lot of TV in bed, had a long bath and an early night.

94  Wednesday I spent the day in bed with a migraine, watching TV and sleeping. Peter went into Worcester for a hair cut and to do the food shopping. At 4.30pm I got an invite for coffee, so I thought some fresh air would do me good and I met up with a friend from work for an hour, she bought me some daffodils. Evening spent on the sofa, bath and an early night.

95  Thursday A lazy morning followed by the removal of the shed at last. 2 years after the new shed went up, the old one started to come down. I spent the morning making sure I was close at hand to labour for Peter and make sure he didn't fall off the roof. I then went to the bank and coffee shop to fill in a job application. Home for dinner, a bath and an evening spent blogging and phone call with my cousin in the states. I made an application to appear on the Repair Shop. 

96  Friday A lie in then to the tip with the roofing felt, a coffee and some blogging, home to spend the day with granddaughter and DIL. Evening spent with friend with chips and wine.

97  Saturday A lie in then off to the nail bar mid morning. I then went for coffee and did some blogging. Rest of the day spent tidying the garden and removing the last of the shed. In-between helping Peter, I read my book and sorted some paperwork.

98  Sunday Day spent on labouring for Peter, cooking dinner and ironing. I've finished writing my 4 years in South Africa for now with almost 20,000 words. I've just got to decide what, if anything I want to do with it. Publish as a keepsake for future generations or find out if a wider audience would be interested in reading it. I did a couple of tip runs and met a friend for coffee. Bath and an early night ready for work in the morning.

Books read this week: 61 Hours - Lee Child

Words written towards book: 957

Clothes bought: Laura Ashley Coat Charity Shop £8

On the blog this week: Nothing.

Things that made me happy this week:

Family, washing on the line, reading, painting, clean bedding to come home to, the shed coming down, a Laura Ashley Coat from a charity shop, Pushkins 15th Birthday, getting my nails done and a visit from granddaughter.

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  1. Happy birthday to Pushkins! It sounds like a nice relaxed week for you.
    Good luck with the Repair Shop, how exciting and well done with the writing. x

  2. Good luck with your Repair Shop application. Well done for finishing your book and good luck with deciding what to do with it. #project365