Monday 15 April 2024

Learning new skills - Art

I love my job working as a Teaching Assistant in a local secondary school and I love being back in school learning new things, meeting new people and generally feeling like going to work Monday to Friday in term time is more than just a job.

We've been doing things outside of school in small and large groups, from Pottery Painting, to nights out and coffees after work.

I decorated a jug, we use it in the van.

And 'a very useful pot'

Before firing

After. It's now filled with bits and bobs for my granddaughter to 'find' on her next visit.

I've been enjoying art lessons in school with years 7 & 9. I support students in 3 lessons a week. Most of the time I help the students work on their pieces, show them what the teacher has asked them to do and help them with ideas. Occassionally I join in and work alongside the students showing them how to implement their ideas.

I had a go at drawing with a pen.

Then using water colours.

I've got a variety of projects on the go at home that I've started and just never finished. There are piles of sewing projects, a dolls house to finish painting, embroideries to start and complete. I've tried knitting, had crochet lessons, but I just can't get to grips with it.

There's a felting project on the go since 2020 and a tapestry I started in 1994 for my eldest child, he's 32 next month. Do you think he'll want it if I finish it?


  1. I really love painting pottery, I love your work. As for Mr Blobby, I think you should finish it :)

    1. I think I will have a go at finishing Mr Blobby