Monday 15 April 2024

2024 Week 15 One Daily Positive, Project 365 and A Selfie a Day


99  Monday Inset day in work, only 7 of us in with on the same contract. Some generic training, time to catch up with paperwork, our line manager bought us pizza at lunch time. We attended Vulnerability and Exploitation Training then we had a lockdown drill. Home via the dentist to get permanent crown fitted, then to sort some online banking, dinner and evening spent blogging, watching TV and reading.

100  Tuesday Lift into town after work to go to the post office and have a coffee. Peter picked me up, arrived home to the neighbours kids on the doorstep wanting to come in and watch Blue, they're 2 and 4. Mum had a coffee with us. Peter then cooked dinner and I did some gardening, weeding pots and the front border and cutting back the bushes. Rest of the evening spent watching TV and blogging. I iced some cakes for the students for Eid.

101  Wednesday Lift to work and home again. Parent meeting first thing, then normal lessons. I stayed on till 4pm for homework club to settle in a new student. Home for dinner, reading, bath, TV and early night.

102  Thursday Normal day in work. Broke the news to work I've been shortlisted for a job in Worcester as Safeguarding/Pastoral Officer at a secondary school. Stayed on to settle another student into homework club then met colleagues for coffee, then the Doctors, home, dinner, reading, bath, TV and an early night.

103  Friday Work and home for chips and wine with friend. Peter took the last pieces of the shed down to the tip and tidied up the rest of the garden.

104  Saturday Up early and off to Gloucester to see child 1 after her medical procedure on Tuesday, results next week, but all good at the moment. On to the Forest of Dean to visit grandchild, call in at mums then drop off some presents with friends ending up in Monmouth for a coffee before coming home around 6pm. Migraine meds taken.

105  Sunday A visit to the garden centre for coffee and gluten free cake. Some work in the garden. Popped out in the afternoon to buy a roast for dinner, bumped into two colleagues from work and had coffee, home to watch a movie, bath and early night. Migraine meds taken.

Books read this week: Angels - Marian Keyes

Words written towards book: 1012

Clothes bought: 0 

Unnecessary items bought this week: replacement Air pods £129 Currys (hubby lost his in the tip) bedding £96 plants £36.

On the blog this week: Days out in March

Things that made me happy this week:

The garden taking shape. Visits with daughter, grandchild and friends, coffee, baking, long soaks in the bath, new bedding and plants.

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  1. Lol some would say plants are very necessary purchases! Hope the new job comes off, sounds like an interesting role.

  2. Well done on being shortlisted for the safeguarding/pastoral officer job and good luck! Oops to Peter losing his Airpods at the tip. Hope child 1 is recovering well from her medical procedure and that all is ok with the results. Love your new bedding. #project365

  3. Good luck with the job application! Sounds like you are getting the garden sorted, I need to start working on mine properly this week.

  4. I always wonder what teachers do on inset days. hehehe It sounds like a busy week. Good luck with the new job and I hope the medical thing for Child 1 went OK. x