Tuesday 1 May 2012

When all you can do is wait

Interview via phone in June, informed I'd hear by 30th November

Email sent February to ask why the delay, informed will be notified by April 30th

Phoned UK on Friday, told 'still in the running'

Today is April 30th, no email, website not updated and application still under review.

I do hope this isn't a sign of impending disaster with The London Olympics.

It's a poor show, there are 100's of people on twitter in the same situation, lots of us living abroad, needing to arrange flights home, organise child care. people in the UK to arrange their leave.

Should I give up? Accept I've not been sucessful to be a Games Maker at The London Olympics? Email them? (again) keep refreshing emails? keep logging in? checking UK papers? (online) Checking the official web, facebook and twitter accounts?

I was anxious last week, now I'm angry....please don't spoil this for me.

5th may
Yesterday I received an email to say basically, I've not been discounted, I'm still in the running I'll know by the end of June.

Oh Hello, 3 weeks before the games start? Accomodation? Flights? Guess what? the Olympics are on in London, whats the chances of getting affordable accomodation? Any accomodation?

Not to mention sorting out the kids here, hubbies work? he is now not scheduling any travel in July, August and September and I have a friend on standby for the school runs in the afternoons.

I'm finding the whole situation embarrassing....answering questions with 'no obviously I'm just not good enough to be a games maker....no I haven't hear....no I don't know how I'll feel....relieved? disappointed? excited? even if I do get a role now, I'll fell second place, do I want to feel like that?

A little bit of research has led me to discover I'm not on a reserve list, they sent a seperate reserve list email. I haven't been told NO, all the NO emails have been sent out. So just what does my email mean? So another email has been sent, an automated receipt received this am and i wait to find out what THAT email means.

In the meantime I've stopped myself from deleting the application, I so want this opportunity....and the more of you that do delete yours out of frustration the higher my odds are of getting a role.


  1. What a total bummer! I would be angry too

    Lou :-)

  2. I don't have that much patience.

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