Wednesday 9 May 2012

this weeks #groovymums challenges

Thought I'd link up todays post about weight loss to @kateonthinice #groovymum blog hop challenge this week
I know I don't need to lose weight, maybe tone a little, but then who doesn't after having 3 kids?

Anyway as I've said before my groove has returned, I am no longer looking for my groove, it's taken 16 months to adapt to being a SAHM, I've made friends, hubbies company has finally sorted out the mess they left us in financially and emotionally? well I've just got over it and moved on. That doesn't mean to say I don't get down from time to time, but it's now moments in time rather than days of it.
but I've told Kate I'll carry on with the challenges each week, it gives me something to focus on, helps me to help others and I get to meet some lovely people.

On to Kates challenges this week.

1. Body - How about getting into gardening as a good form of exercise? It is not too late to plant some fruit and vegetables.

I've sacked the gardener, he did sod all except chase leaves with a hose pipe and as we are moving end of May, I didn't see the point in paying him till then and having to pay a gardening company to tidy up after this week I shall be sweeping the autumn leaves away.

If you do plant something, you can also link up here and find out about ONE's "Let's Thrive" campaign.

2. Mind - why not look at the Open University website and investigate learning opportunities to fit in with your current commitments.

Mute subject with me at the moment, I was on my final unit for my degree in psychology but had to give it up due to lack of internet when we first moved here (it was a research project and no the local library didn't have internet, infact it didn't have power sockets) i promise to look into it again after my son's visit.

3. Spirit - do you have a favourite prayer that helps you? Or it could be a poem or inspirational saying? Tell us about it. It might help somebody else too.

Nope, afraid not. I'm more likely to crack a joke than come out with something thought provoking.

4. Blogging - Are you taking part in the #SnapHappyBritMums photography challenge? It is not too late and it is lots of fun. Basically, @BritMums on Twitter give a prompt each day and if you feel inspired, you post a pic that meets that theme.

Oh Yes and I'm having immense fun with it.

5. Charity Connections - Do you shop online? If you do or intend to at some point you can raise money for any charity of your choice including schools by clicking on the big square #mums4good badge over in my sidebar. All you need to do is to give your email and your name. You don't have to commit to shop today or to spend a certain amount. You don't make a donation to charity but the retailer you spend with will. Simples. So why are you not clicking? It is FREE money for charity.

Sorry, we've had this discussion before, there is no way I'm doing anything online in South Africa.

6. Special Days - Don't forget to get involved in the #groovywork Twitter party taking place on Wednesday 16th May 2012 from 7-8pm. We are talking about family-friendly jobs and self-employment opportunities.

I'll come along and see if there is anyone that can help me earn some pocket money by me working online from here. the next special day for me here is Mother's Day on Sunday.

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