Monday 28 May 2012

I don't think I can take anymore of this

I'm sitting here at my desk having spent the morning entertaining different people as they quote for our house move on Thursday, I feel sick, I have a huge knot in the tummy and the only thing that's stopping the tears from flowing is there is a guy here removing the stained glass panels from doors and windows for repair after various door slamming incidents and the odd fight amongst the kids.

I don't want to move, I shouldn't have to move, I'm so pissed off that I'm struggling to put it all in words.

When we moved here we knew nothing, knew no one and got no help...'yeah and...' I hear you say.

Well think about how you'd go about moving house in the UK, utilities, broadband, insurance, removal firms etc, etc and then come to a country where everything you've ever known is done completely differently.

For example How do you go about changing your electric and water supply from one house to another?...take the readings, call it through on the you have to cancel one contract, take out another, pay a new deposit and all this takes 3 hours, in person because you're not the named tenant of the property and your visa says visitor, so they won't discuss details with you.

Unless you've ever made an expat move you'll not understand how alone I feel right now, how pissed off I am and why I'm on the verge of tears all the time.

Hubby doesn't understand either, because I actually get things done, I battle through the tears and the frustration, but it doesn't get any easier to manage or to do.

This is my 4th move in 18 months. Out of our house into temporary accomodation in the UK for 6 weeks, arrival in South Africa to temporary accomodation for 6 weeks, and we move out of this house where we've been for 15 months into, what will hopefully be our last move for a few years, on thursday.

In the meantime I'm surveying the damage around me, half packed boxes, can't find anything, still having to do the normal day to day stuff.

It's not my fault we are in this situation it is the companies for messing up the first time around.

I think I'm going to check into a hotel till Friday and give them the bloody bill.


  1. Sounds a nightmare, moving in your home country is hard enough!

    Hope it goes as smoothly as possible and you get to settle in your new place quickly. x

    1. thank you, i know this is something you've experienced, its so difficult to sum up when family and friends think you live the life of reilly

  2. I must admit, it sounds awful. I hope when it's all over you treat yourself to something nice (or your hubby treats you). Sounds like you deserve it. In the meantime..a cool glass of wine may numb the pain? Good luck with the move.x

    1. im avoiding the wine until everything is moved and unpacked, i need to keep a clear head, last move customs lost out container for 2 days

  3. I am facing a house move in the near future and although it's the right thing and best for me I am absolutely dreading the actual move itself and the sorting out that needs to be done, and I'm only moving within my home town so how stressful this must be for you I can only imagine. Hope you can get moved and be able to settle with as little hassle as possible this time round. Hang in there, well you have to don't you?

  4. Thinking of you, I remember what a nightmare expat moves are. Often I find when people are NotUnderstanding its because they feel too threatened by the merest thought of having to do it themselves.

  5. I can't even imagine moving. Packing up 18yrs of stuff from our current home? Way to much to comprehend. Good luck, hopefully this will be your last move until you return to the UK.