Monday 14 May 2012

What I love as an expat

There are some, in fact there are hundreds of reasons why moving 5764 miles from home is the best thing we've ever done...but you wouldn't know that from reading my blog...or would you?

I blog about the highs and the lows of living in South Africa, the funny and the sad stuff. It's all factual. I blog when I'm down and I blog when I'm happy. I blog about the kids when they piss me off, hubbies less than useless company (although things are improving) oh there's just too much to say here. I was going to hyper link some posts but couldn't decide which ones to pick.

So, without further a do here is 'Finding things you love overseas' inspired by the @Michelloui The American Resident

I love being able to pop out to the shops
I love being able to drive on my own, even in the dark
I love how I can discover new places without the GPS
I love being able to sit in the sun at anytime of my choosing
I love the open space in the houses and outdoors
I love the blue of the sky
I love the wildlife, birds and animals
I love the people (government departments excluded)
I love South Africa


  1. I like how you excluded the government departments, I assume it is to do with the 20 million forms you have to fill out to get things like a licence to drive.

    1. Im sure they are lovely people also, but bogged down with their paperwork

  2. Mega post! So easy to get bogged down with the shite and forget the good stuff. I think we all do it... I now try and remember the words of my son George

    "Still can't quite believe that we live HERE. It's somewhere most people only ever dream of visiting - and we LIVE here! It's so cool"

    I think that statement is probably even more apt for you in South Africa than for me in LA!

    Have a good one
    Lou :-)

  3. Oh this sounds fantastic... It's a great ad for life in South Africa! I also love how you blog about both the highs and the lows. It's sad when people are unhappy the whole time they're expats, but it's unrealistic to expect it to be all highs as well.

    *Looking at the grey sky* wish I could say the same about the sun in the UK...! ;)

    1. Think life for me is pretty much like it was in the uk in regards to the share of highs and lows, theyre just different. Still got a lot to learn.