Wednesday 19 March 2014

Getting blood from a stone

I wrote about volunteer fatigue a week or so ago and took some time off, I was taking on too much. I decided to clear a back log on my 'to do' list which now had sub lists, which was making me feel overwhelmed. Most of my lists involved follow ups with companies and organisations that i had contacted either in person, by email or over the phone. Some were from cold calling but most were recommendations from friends in both the real world and on twitter.

There is only so many times I'm prepared to have the door closed on me before I give up and that's what I've done. I can't get blood out of a stone. there are too many people here asking for donations, money and time, as there are so many causes to support. rape crisis, education, feeding scheme, abandoned babies and the list goes on. I do beg on a regular basis and am quite successful at relocating unwanted items from people, clothes, unused stationery, but what I can't get is a cash injection to fund things properly. I've applied for nearly every grant going. the small companies support their staff's interests, the larger companies have an application you must apply to, with a response that usually reads 'sorry applications for this year are now closed' It's so frustrating.
I've approached companies for product reviews, toys, toiletries, but it seems they don't want their brands associated with townships and poverty.

Companies and organisations want more than a few tweets, RTs and a blog post, despite the fact I get 9000 hits a month. The big companies invest in the big charities, not in the likes of me, the one actually on the ground, the one making changes in peoples lives on a daily basis, the one who actually sees and witnesses the devistation of how an armed robbery victim looks or the amazing transformation to someones life from giving away a pair of shoes or providing a disabled child with a pushchair or seeing the excitement on a Childs face when you give them their first ever christmas present.

I just need a foot in the door, I can't do anymore than what I'm doing now without a bit of investment.

If anyone has any suggestions, I'd be grateful.

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